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BREXIT Preparedness Gap Anaysis

Make sure that you are Brexit Ready 

Effective, Efficient and Compliance Trading from 2021

When the UK leaves the EU Customs Union and the EU Single Market, the way businesses can move goods between Great Britain and the EU-27 will change significantly, regardless if both parties can agree a deal or not. Businesses on either side of the English Channel know that they need to be  fully prepared for these changes or risk having their goods stopped at their border, unable to fulfil orders to agreed deadlines. Customs Manager Ltd helps you to keep your good moving after 2021. Our customs & global trade specialists will analyse your international trade movements, customs processes and procedures and identify areas of improvements. Equipped with an action plan, clear recommendations and a Brexit checklist, you are fully prepared to confidently face any headwinds ahead. 

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We  are proud to provide our advice and support services in English, German, French & Spanish.

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Brexit Preparedness
Gap Analysis

The objectives of the Brexit Preparedness Gap Analysis is threefold: 

  1. Verify Compliance: Identify and mitigate potential risks and reduce them by offering practical ideas and solutions that you can implement right away. 

  2. Gain Efficiency: Equipped with recommendations, your export and import processes can be streamlined and duplications or delays minimized. This includes identifying the potential time and cost-saving opportunities for your business. 

  3. Maximize Effectiveness: We look at how you manage your current customs & global trade operations and suggested ways to ensure that you maximize the use of your resources and reach your global trade goals.


How will it work?

Our customs & global trade experts will spend a full day with you and get to know your business and acquire a better understanding of how you operate, in particular as regards your customs and global processes and procedures. 

We will then present the current state of play of Brexit and update you on latest developments. 


Next, we will carry out the gap analysis. We will discuss the following area with you and may ask to see documentation:

  • Processes and procedures, training, personnel 

  • Import, Export & transit procedures

  • Preparing to trade: EORI numbers Deferment account and financial guarantees 

  • Customs Essentials: Classification, Origin, Valuation

  • Terms of trade: Incoterms 

  • Broker and Freight Forwarder organization and management

  • Licences, Prohibitions & Restrictions

  • Duty & import VAT exposure and duty reduction opportunities (Special Procedures, relief schemes)

  • Authorized Economic Operator

We will identify any potential gaps and provide you with actions  and recommendations you can take right away.  

We close the day with a thorough discussion around Customs Manager's own Brexit checklist, where customers have to answer tough questions to judge their readiness.

PREMIUM PLM Subscription Included

Our trade intelligence service allows you to maintain high levels of compliance as you will never miss and important legal update, neither in the EU or the UK. Anyone booking the gap analysis will benefit from six months of PREMIUM PLM subscription, at no extra costs  (a saving of almost 200 GBP).

Report (optional)

If you would like us to write up our findings in a detailed report, we will deliver a professional assessment of your state of readiness. This will include a heatmap to identify any areas of improvement instantly. Comes with executive summary, conclusions and recommendations. There is an additional charge for this report.