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Filing Support, Training, Helpine & Resource Center

We file customs declarations into and from the UK using CDS for UK and European clients. We offer two 4-hour comprehensive online CDS training and a 24/7 helpline for when you get stuck. Plus a free for all resource center (see below). Welcome to CDS Support Page!

Getting Your Goods Into and Out Of the UK is Easy

We file Your Customs Declarations

We file customs declarations into and from the UK using CDS for UK and European clients. Even if you are not established in the UK.

CDS Training

We offer regular on line LIVE! training courses on CDS.

Our Customs Declarations programme will teach you all you need to know to correctly complete a basic Customs Declaration.
Anyone who needs to understand Customs regimes and how to submit a Customs Declaration form would benefit from this training.

Our 2 part training is eight hour long, split in Part 1 and 2 and covers:

  • What is a Customs Declaration?

  • Why is a customs declaration needed?

  • What information is required to complete a declaration?

  • How to complete both an import declaration using CDS

  • CHIEF and CDS - what is the difference?

  • A talk through all 91 Data Elements and Groups

  • Mandatory, Optional, and Possible Coding requirements.

  • Completion requirements

  • Error Codes 

  • How to navigate the Gov. UK website

  • Postponed VAT accounting 

  • Your questions 

CDS Helpline

We answer your CDS questions - to help you prepare, when you get stuck and more. Just use the chat or email us


Your essential CDS Support Hub

Customs Declaration and Training from Customs Manager Ltd

If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us at

10 Part Free Mini Series on CDS on You Tube

Watch our Videos "CDS-How ready are we really?" and the HMRC presentation on CDS during our conference update.

In a 10 part series of example recorded webinars detailing the Customs Declaration Service's guidelines for submitting an import declaration. The examples centres on Hallie, an American who imports T-shirts into the United Kingdom.


Answers to Questions You Asked Us. Includes answers to the question: "How do I get ready for CDS?"

Download answers to the key questions.

Official CDS Guidance from HMRC

Download official guidance from HMRC on the move to CDS, CDS Trader's Checklist, and more

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CDS Sample Declarations

Access the useful sample CDS declarations for imports to the UK - from simple to complex, essential guidance for getting CDS right! We will use these in our training too.

You may use these samples to verify the format and data element requirements of your declaration, and to get a better grasp of the declaration's data element needs by seeing how the advice on each data element results in particular entries for each declaration.

CDS Error Codes Guide

Request our Guide To Understand CDS Error Codes

The following is a collection of error codes and descriptions for the Customs Declaration Service. It explains the potential causes of your declaration issues and what those mistakes are.

Known error workarounds for the Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

Download the document on Known Errors

If you're submitting a customs clearance request or customs declaration, make sure you've checked the declaration completion instructions for remedies to known issues in the Customs Declaration Service. 

HMRC has compiled a paper that includes all known workarounds in a single product to aid in your dealings with the Customs Declaration Service platform.

As the Customs Declaration Service enters its last phases of development, workarounds are available to help you use it. There are a number of potential causes for the need of workarounds, and they include:

  • adjustments made in anticipation of discrepancies between the CDS and the Declaration Completion Guidelines

  • corrections made to the CDS before the problems may be fixed

  • short-term fixes for missing features before they are included in a full production version

This is not an all-inclusive guide, and it will be revised in tandem with each new CDS release.

If you run across an issue in alignment for which no fix is specified, you should follow these recommended practises.

It is possible to resubmit a rejected declaration with all fields filled out if the instructions for completing the declaration do not specify that the completion of a particular data element is required.

If you get the CDS12056 problem when you attempt to use a certain code combination, try using the next-most-similar one.


How Ready Are We, Really?

Arne Mielken, our Managing Director, attended the ACITA conference and gave a presentation on CDS - HMRC's Customs Declaration Service - at the end of June 2022. Arne investigates how prepared you are for the Customs Declaration Service in this video (CDS). So, are you ready for an honest assessment of your readiness for CDS? Watch Parts 1 and 2 to determine your CDS readiness.


Part 2 of the Presentation on CDS

CDS is around the corner. Are you instructing your brokers correctly on how to make out customs declarations? Following on from the first part, explore Arne Mielken's journey into CDS conclude with a presentation on the UK's readiness with CDS, the Customs Declaration Service of HMRC. Discover the importance of Broker Management and how you can turn CDS from challenge into opportunity.

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Do you have a specific challenge you want to overcome? Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you. Of course, we will answer in English or, of course, in German, French or Spanish

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