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Certified Customs Specialist

Invest 12 evenings or one full week for customs mastery

What is the best way for your company's to ensure that internal customs procedures are compliant and that your business saves as much customs duty as possible?



Is this certified training course right for me?

Check quickly: Do you answer YES to these two questions?

1.Do you feel that you lack knowledge in order to effectively manage your internal customs processes, and are wish to gain assurance that your actions are indeed in accordance with the law?

2. Could you - your colleagues and/or workers - benefit from well-founded, up-to-date customs and global trade  information to prevent hazards and blunders in daily customs operations?

If the answer to both questions, is YES, please read on.

Twelve Nights

It only takes 12 evenings

In Shakespeare’s tradition, it only takes 12 nights for you to become a certified customs expert. This course is exclusively delivered after working hours, giving you the opportunity to gain knowledge whilst working. What you learn you can apply instantly to your job.

Living life in the fast lane

Join us one full week instead

Living life in the fast lane
Alternatively, invest one full week to achieve the same result. We regularly run weekly courses from Monday to Friday. Imagine this. You start on Monday with no knowledge and by Friday of that week, you can complete training that certifies and qualifies you to become a competent customs compliance and cost-saving person in your organization.

Wherever you are, you can study with us

Online Study

The course is delivered live! and online using Zoom. A tutor will be by your side all the time. This gives you the flexibility to study from wherever you want in the world.


What you will study

Our specialists present you with thorough, methodical training in the fundamentals of import and export customs procedures, as well as special duty reliefs. You will learn how to properly deal with customs declarations and controls by using real examples.

  • Current Legal Foundations of International Customs Law

  • Legally compliant customs processing/clearance in practice

  • Implementation of customs requirements in you organization and timely identification of process flaws

  • Customs classification, Valuation and Origin

  • What is AEO and how to become certified

  • Prohibitions and Restrictions

  • Export Control Introduction

  • Filing Customs Declarations

  • Duty Relief Schemes and their correct application

  • Effective Broker Management and Instructions

  • How an efficient customs department should look.

Please note that the course is not specific to any jurisdiction. This means you can study it from Japan to Rio, Hobart to Port Alberni and anywhere in between.


Certified Knowledge

After completing this course, which includes a final exam to confirm your knowledge, you will have a comprehensive understanding, useful practice tips, and the ability to identify anomalies and errors in your daily customs practice.


Show of your achievement


 After passing the final test, you will obtain your final certificate, which will allow you to not only apply but also show the information you have gained.

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