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From Overwhelming and Complex to 

Simple and Staightforward in One Session 

Businesses that are required to complete customs declarations or do this on behalf of a business need to ensure that the information provides to the customs authorities in complete, accurate and timely every time. Even when outsourced, the legal compliance responsibilities can still lie with the import or exporter, not the declarant. When mistakes are made, delay, higher costs and possible files often follow.

Customs Manager offers insightful, clear, interactive and fun training to get you ready to submit accurate customs declarations, no matter how complex. Our blended approach of bite seized  chunks of self-study combined with a live tutor session if perfect for beginners and advanced specialist alike.

Equipped with  a copy of our book "Customs Declarations For Dummies", students can review any of the learning materials and use it as a "box by box" guide to help them complete customs declarations in no time.

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We  are proud to provide customs & global trade training services in English, German, French & Spanish. In you need training in one of these languages, please e-mail for a competitive quote. 



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Customs Declaration Training 

Learn how to complete a Customs Declaration in one easy session. By booking your course today, you benefit our proven three-step approach for delivering competence in customs. Complete all three steps to receive Customs Manager's "Certificate of Customs Declaration Competence".

Step 1: Bite seized preparatory training you can study anytime 

Get access to customs expert-led online on demand training will highlight terminology and explain the fundamentals of what you need to know to complete customs declarations effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly. Easily digestible, a box-bx box description with examples. Study where and when you want.

Step 2: Attend Live Training 

Review all concepts with a live expert trainer, ask your questions and practice together completing customs declarations. Analyse already completed declarations for errors and mistakes. Review export and import documents, including permissible notification of import and export. Get all your questions answered. You will be invited to pass a test to receive your certificate. 

Step 3:  Receive Your Own Copy of the Book "Customs Declarations for Dummies"

This easy to use guide is the essential guide for making customs declarations. Use it to review your training and to guide you directly when making customs declarations. 

Got questions? We are here for you. Use the chat to get in touch. We will respond as soon as possible. 

Open Book



All participants will receive an exclusive copy of the book written by customs expert Arne Mielken called "Customs Declarations for Dummies".

This step-by-step companion helps businesses to make accurate, timely and complete customs declarations speedily.

Indispensable for anyone making customs declarations and free for all students.