Customs Declaration Filing Specialists


We are specialists in filing customs declarations for EU and UK businesses. We leverage leading electronic customs filing software, directly connected to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to file customs declarations for our customers and comply with all UK fiscal filing and security filing requirements.

Our import, export and transit filing services are designed with your business in mind. No matter if you are a small trader with limited amounts of shipments or a large and complex multinational business with hundreds of shipments a week, let's make it happen.

We work with a team of experienced customs filing specialists and each of our customers receives their dedicated Customs Manager for personalised attention. 

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Our expertise lies in the completion of customs declaration for your business, so you can clear customs quickly and reach your global customer faster. The customs declaration is known as the Single Administrative Document (SAD). In the UK, this is known as the C88. We complete both C88 and C89 declaration forms for you.  We will make sure they are completed correctly and submitted to the necessary deadlines. With our advisory services, we can make sure your business only pays what's legally due, leveraging costs savings opportunities along the way. 


Standard import declaration filing.  Safety and Security declarations. GVMS inbound GMR reference creation. Import reliefs and preference. Import controls and licences advice. 


Standard export declaration filing.  Safety and Security declarations. GVMS inbound GMR reference creation. Export Controls, Sanctions and Licencing advice. 


Transit declarations in NCTS. Application support for transit guarantee, authorised consignee and consignor. 


Access to TSS. We file your declarations into TSS and Northern Ireland & Great Britain. We lodge supplementary declarations for you.


Delayed your declaration?
We help submit supplementary declarations to HMRC.  


From food, animal products or plants to Goods subject to excise duty, we can clear it for you. Contact us for details.


We can help amend customs declarations or support you with clawing money back from customs.


Got many goods to classify. We work with experts that are trained in accurate and efficient mass classification of goods ready for export and import. 


We leverage the latest customs software to connect to all Roll-On Roll-Off UK Ports (Great Britain) including the Ports of Dover, Felixstowe, Harwich, Heysham, Holyhead, Hull, Immingham, Killingholme, Liverpool, Newhaven, Pembroke, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Purfleet, Sheerness, Teesport, Tilbury and Tyne. We are constantly adding more "badges" to our software to access the inventory systems of more ports, allowing us to eventually support all ports in the UK. In the meantime, we work with a network of trusted clearance partners to help us complete import entries at all UK ports.

And if you need to clear into Europe, we work with a strong network of EU companies that can clear into every EU country. Together, we can clear all of your air-, sea- and road freight.  Ready to get started? Let's talk.