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Customs Warehousing

Duty reliefs like Customs warehousing can save companies millions of dollars / pounds / euros in business costs.

Duty reliefs like Customs Warehousing from customs authorities can offer a potentially significant saving, but only if they're implemented correctly.

Customs Warehousing has been introduced to encourage the storage of goods in many countries, like the EU, the UK, and the US. The right duty reliefs can cut costs by over 55%, but getting it right is tricky, so get in touch first.

Bonded Warehousing

The same as Customs Warehousing?

Yes! Customs or bonded warehousing means that "foreign" or non-local/national/regional goods may be stored in any premises authorised by the customs authorities. While in warehouses, the goods will be under customs supervision and will not be subject to import duties or other charges related to the import of goods or to any commercial policy measures (such as import licenses).

Keep Your Cash - Now and Forever - But how?

Customs warehousing is a cost-effective way to store foreign products in your country that are destined for another. How can a business benefit from it?

Customs Duty Reliefs: How to NOT PAY and SAVE when you import

Business Journalist Paul Mullins grills Arne Mielken, Founder of Customs Manager Ltd on how customs special procedures work.

FAQs on Customs Warehousing

Your Questions with Expert Answers

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How do you operate a customs warehouse?

Get some practical guidance on how to operate a customs warehouse.

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What operations are allowed in a customs warehouse?

There are only a limited amount of operations you can undertake in a customs warehouse.

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