Customs Classification 

Implementing Regulations 

Compilation in 2020

Businesses importing goods into or exporting goods out of the EU need to determine the correct product classification for customs purposes.

But getting the code right is often not very straightforward and the rules of the game are often very complicated and ambiguous.

Still, businesses cannot afford to make mistakes. The correct classification is vitally important to determine the customs duty rate and decide if non-tariff measures, such as import or export licence, import or export restrictions, apply. 

Where it is difficult to classify a product, the EU Commission can issue an "Implementing Regulation" to help. In a nutshell, products with specific descriptions have the right and only code decided by the regulator. They then must be taken into account. 

It is, therefore, essential that we create a compilation of all the Implementing Regulations to assist classifiers in reaching the right code for their product.

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EU Customs Classification Decisions in 2020

All the EU's Classification Decisions On One Page

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