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The Competent Customs & Global Trade Professionals: YOU & YOUR TEAM

We Develop All Essential Competencies In Customs And Global Trade You and Your Staff Need to Do the Job Efficiently, Effectively and, of course, Compliantly.

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⇒ Education

Are you looking for an education? Then, the Diploma in Customs Competencies will make you a well-rounded customs expert.

Develop Your Customs & Global Trade Competencies and Have Them Accredited with the world's only "Diploma in Customs Competencies", developed jointly by The Institute of Customs Competencies and Customs Manager Ltd. Learn how to properly deal with customs compliance and customs duty matters using real examples. Get certified and boost your employment prospects. Includes the study of 15 courses, an exam and a graduation ceremony.

⇒ Training

Are You Looking for Expert Led, Single Topic, Short Courses To Develop A particular Competency?

We offer more than 20 different courses, developing particular customs and global trade competencies that you need to be successful in everyday work. All courses are delivered online, are 4 hours long, are delivered in English and run multiple times in the year across several timezones to cater for every location on the planet. Participants earn a certificate of completion if they pass a exam/quiz in the end to showcase their new skills.

Show Me Training

Empowered through Education & Training

Discover how we develop the next leaders in Customs & Global Trade

Our approach to education and training is different from other operators in the market. We don't just ramp a topic down your throat and walk away, we are people-centric - It's in our name. We care about developing the competencies of the individual and the team.

Training and Education in Customs & Global Trade is a MUST

Any firm engaging in worldwide commerce must invest in global trade and customs training for both people and teams to comply with rules and save money.

We Grow Your Competencies in Customs & Global Trade

We educate you and your team in the globally approved and acknowledged skills necessary for any firm operating internationally and comply better, save more, and trade further.

Internationally Recognized & Approved

We educate them in the globally approved and acknowledged skills necessary for any firm operating internationally.

Single Courses Or Diploma

Whether you pick a single-subject course or a multi-week program, we prepare you and your team to be successful, productive, and compliant in the global marketplace.

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