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Introduction to EORI Numbers

What is an EORI Number? Who needs one? How can I get one?

Introduction to the Economic Operators Registration and Identification System of the European Union and the United Kingdom

If you import or export products into or out of the European Union (EU) or the United Kingdom (GB), you will likely need an EORI number. EORI stands for "Economic Operator Identification and Registration Number." The EORI number must be used as an identifying number in all customs processes and information exchanges with customs administrations by all businesses and individuals intending to engage in international commerce. It serves as a single reference number for dealings with the customs officials in any EU Member State or the United Kingdom.

As the United Kingdom is not a member of the European Union, a separate passport is required for both Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Why do companies need an EORI number?

Having a single form of identifying number across the EU is more efficient for both economic operators and customs officials.

Who need the EORI number?

The kind of EORI number required and the location from which it must be obtained depend on the destination and origin of your shipment. You could need many. In general, you must have an EORI number if you:

  • engage someone to handle customs on your behalf and be 'established' in the nation you're importing from or exporting to

  • Customs declaration - determine whether you are qualified to make a customs statement

  • use customs IT systems, like the CHIEF or CDS system in the United Kingdom, Delta in France, AIS in Ireland, and the Import Control System of Northern Ireland (ICS NI)

  • submit a customs ruling request

  • use the EU CDS system

  • make a concise statement upon entrance or departure

  • provide a statement of temporary storage

  • filing a customs declaration for temporary entrance or re-export if you have a guarantee

  • are created in a common transit nation in which the statement is submitted in lieu of an entrance summary declaration or as a pre-departure declaration

Do I still need an EORI number if I am from Turkey, which is neither the EU nor the UK?

In a handful of instances, businesses that are not based in the customs area of the EU or the UK, such as a Turkish company, are also required to have an EORI.

Case in point:

  • submit a customs declaration inside the customs territory

  • to provide an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS)

  • to submit a Departure Summary Declaration (EXS)

  • to file a temporary storage declaration with the customs

What will occur if I do not have an EORI number?

If you lack the correct EORI number, you may experience delays at customs and extra charges, such as having to keep your items until you get an EORI. To transport products between the EU and the UK and to non-EU nations, such as the United States, businesses require an EORI number. 

What does an EORI number look like?

The EORI number consists of two components: first, the country code of the issuing nation; and second, a code or number that is exclusive to that country. In certain countries, the VAT number is effectively preceded by the country code. Regarding the nation code, in the United Kingdom, an EORI number begins with "GB" to import or export products into or from England, Wales, or Scotland. If you are transporting anything to or from Northern Ireland, you may need a code beginning with "XI." To transact with. In the European Union, this field is Member State-specific and contains the ISO country codes of the Member State in which you are applying, i.e. "DE."

How long does an EORI number remain active?

This number is valid throughout the EU or the UK, as applicable.

How can I get an EORI number?


You may get it through your country's central customs administration.

How long does obtaining an EORI number take?

This varies from one EU member state to the next. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to apply in the United Kingdom. The typical amount of time it takes to get an EORI number is four business days. This varies from nation to country. EORI registration might take time, so prepare and submit your application in advance (in the UK it is very fast, approx. 5 minutes).

What is the cost to get an EORI number?

To receive an EORI number, customs officials do not charge a fee. Preparation to gather all material, the time required to submit an application, and communication with the authorities are all costs that may be quantified.

How may an EORI number be requested?

Businesses created inside the customs jurisdiction of a country must seek the assignment of an EORI number from their local, national customs authority.

Businesses not established in the nation should seek an EORI number from the customs authorities of the country responsible for the location where they first file a declaration or request a judgement.

What must I know about EORI Numbers in the UK?

To transport products between the EU and Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales), enterprises need an EORI number when customs processes and declarations must be filed. If a company transports products to or from Northern Ireland, it will need a distinct EORI number.

If you transport products, you may require an EORI number:

Relations between the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales) or the Isle of Man and every other nation (including the EU)

Conflict between England and Northern Ireland

• between the British Isles and the Channel Islands

Relations between Northern Ireland and nations outside the European Union

The cardinal rules are:

• If you transport products to or from Great Britain, you must get an EORI number beginning with GB. If you have an existing EORI number that does not begin with GB, you must apply for a GB EORI number.

• If you transport goods from or to Great Britain, you'll need an EORI number beginning with XI to: move goods between Northern Ireland and non-EU countries, make a declaration in Northern Ireland, and get a customs decision in Northern Ireland.

What should I do if I don't satisfy the requirements?

If you are ineligible to apply for an EORI number, you will need to choose a representative to deal with customs. The individual you choose will be responsible for obtaining the EORI number.

Can you help us get an EORI number?

Yes, we can provide advice on all aspects pertaining to EORI numbers and even get one on your behalf.

Can I participate in EORI training?

Yes, we provide EORI training and videos for you to see. Contact should be made.

Where can we find out more?

We will address any of your inquiries when you contact us.

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