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EU-UK Free Trade Agreement


Stay compliant with complex rules and learn how to leverage zero duty and zero quota 

Book our one Day Upskill Training to leverage all the benefits of the new agreement efficiently, effectively and, of course, compliantly.



We  are proud to provide customs & global trade support services in English, German, French & Spanish.


Get upskilled on the new customs processes and procedures under the UK-EU Free Trade Agreement to ensure you leverage all its opportunities. Learn what’s in the Agreement in a straightforwardly and clearly, cutting out the complexities. Understand how to set up, manage and audit customs processes and procedure based on best practice to ensure you make correct, complete and timely customs declarations and/or instruct your broker correctly. We will focus on rules of origin and how to ensure you have the necessary proofs of origin to back up your claim. We will cover supplier declarations and discuss best-practices in origin management. Comes with full slide pack and Certificate of Competition for all your staff.

UK, EU & China Export Controls Training

What You Will Learn

✓ What’s in the UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement (UK TCA)
o Structure
o How to identify what matters
o How to understand the agreement straightforwardly and clearly, cutting out the
o How to the UK TCA impact trade with Northern Ireland

✓ Conditions to meet to benefit from zero duty and zero quota

✓ New import and export processes and procedures
o Review of import & export formalities GB-EU and GB-EU
o How to lodge correct customs declarations under the UK-EU TCA to claim zero
duty and quota
o Commodity code determination
o Customs Valuation
o Procedure Codes

✓ Claiming zero tariffs and quota under the UK TCA
o Introduction to Preferential and Non-preferential origin
o Rules of Origin and how to qualify for origin - Principles
o How to read the rules of origin under the UK TCA correctly
o How to make out correct Statement of Origins under the UK TCA
o Registered Exporter Status (REX)

o “Auxiliary” Origin Rules: Don’t forget these or risk non-compliance

✓ Setting up an origin management system for compliance every time
✓ Advanced Origin Ruling
✓ How to claim overpaid duty back
✓ The process for Northern Ireland
✓ How the “Authorised Economic Operator” process can help you clear the border faster

Who Should Attend?

People with import or export responsibilities wishing to make use of the UK TCA

 Freight Forwarders, Brokers, Customs Agents

 Customs Managers
• Staff in the following departments
Customer Service
Consultants, lawyers and accountants

What You Will Get

A full day with an experienced customs & global trade trainer and consultant
• The ability to ask all your questions
• Full slide pack
• Certificate of Competition

Dates & Times 

✓ Dates of public courses
• January: 8, 15, 29
• February: 2,10, 25
We also offer this course as a bespoke course in-house and on-demand streaming service.
This course can be delivered in English, German, French or Spanish.
10 am – 3 pm. All times GTM.

Other Information

This training is suitable for staff with no prior knowledge of customs procedures and
processes or the UK-EU TCA. A robust internet connection and the ability to connect to
video online conferencing will be required.


The costs of this training are £/€ 299 + any applicable VAT

Please Note
All courses are delivered virtually using Zoom. Minimal participation numbers required to run
public courses.

To Register
Express your interest by emailing Indicate the date of your
preferred training.

Other formats
Besides the public training format, this training is also available as a company-specific in house
training and on-demand and can be studied from the comfort of your home at your
own pace, time and any device. Contact us for a bespoke offering.