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Trade Intelligence

Make Your Next Move the Best!

The rules governing international trade and customs are constantly evolving. Managers in customs and international trade face similarly weighty daily choices that have far-reaching consequences. With our Trade Intelligence Service, you'll know exactly what's happening in the world of customs & global trade. You can pinpoint what customs and international trade laws and policies are changing and easily explain why. Equipped with better Trade Intelligence than any marketing newsletter or social media post could possibly provide, you can confidently plan your next moves - and know they are the correct ones!

Select Your Update

Our Trade Intelligence Service Comes In Two Formats

We recommend that you start with the FREE version to test it. If convinced, simply click on "Upgrade to Full Version" to see how to get started with the FULL version.

For All


Weekly Update that Is "Read Only". This is free for all, however, does not contain active links and no supportive documents. It contains advertising.

Current Clients, Paid Subscribers & VIPs


Weekly Update with Clickable Links and Supportive Documentation (Reports, Analysis, Deep-Dives)

This is a chargeable service. 

Not yet sure? Read below on how it works and access previous editions.

How It Works

Step By Step

1. Review

We review official publications, statutes, and gazettes, check websites, and subscribe to all relevant newsletters that you also subscribe to.

2. Consolidate and Order

Then we consolidate the news and order them so you can quickly identity what's relevant for you and your business.

3. Summarize

We explain the update in our own words, reducing the dense legal wording and making the information accessible to every reader.

4. Publish

We publish our updates every (most) Monday morning, covering the news of the previous seven days.

The Result:

The  Most Comprehensive, Useful and Interesting Weekly Customs & Global Trade Update Report In the Market Today!

What do I get from you if I subscribe?

You will get a professionally curated collection of legislative changes that happened over the previous week, compiled by seasoned trade professionals and quality-controlled before distribution.

How do I, and my team benefit?

You and your team no longer need to worry about missing any updates. You and your team may save time by forgoing the scanning of marketing emails and blog posts. Instead, you can concentrate on operational performance and long-term profitability, knowing that we've got your back.

How does my company benefit?

 Businesses can ensure improved compliance with complex customs and global trade regulations by providing their staff with a ready-made compliance solutions without incurring significant expense. 


Who should read the Customs & Global Trade Update?

We believe that customs managers, import and export experts of small and medium-sized businesses, and their advisors, in the EU, US or UK will benefit the most. Brokers, Customs Agents, Fast Parcel Operators, Software Providers, Indirect Tax Advisors and Lawyers will find this Update particularly useful. Managers of more extensive and complicated enterprises may also benefit, of course.


What to Look forward to every week

Country Coverage

European Union, United Kingdom & United States of America

Topic Coverage

Customs, Trade Agreements, Biosecurity & Veterinary Border Controls, Excise Controls, Import VAT, Export Controls, Sanctions

High-Quality Update

Professionally Curated by Professionals

Supportive Documents

Along with the update, receive guidance and more documents for your work.

Add Helpline

Subscribers can add a Helpline service

Add More

Subscribers can Extend the Country & Topic Coverage

Download  Previous Editions

The "Free" Edition at Your Fingertips

Just as a thank you for visiting our site each week, we provide a free download of this update for you to enjoy. In addition, you may see the version history. It's important to note, nevertheless, that neither live links nor supplementary materials are included in this edition. There are advertisements in the free edition to help defray production costs.

Image by Matt Walsh


Read the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

You are not sure how easy it is to upgrade to the FULL version? Unclear about how payment works and what you will get for your money? Then check out the answer to frequently asked questions.

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