Changes at DG TAXUD: New Head of Unit and Customs Director becomes Acting Director General


The former Head of Unit DG TAXUD A2, Customs Legislation, Susanne Aigner, has retired. The Trade Contact Group, representatives of EU businesses thanked her for the great support she has shown over the years to trade facilitation and easements. Representatives of EU Trade wished her a successful retirement.

Auf Wiedersehen und alles Gute!


The new Head of Unit is Lina PAPAMICHALOPOULOU from Cyprus. She was a previous Head of Unit Risk Management and Security. in DG TAXUD. She can be followed on Twitter:

European businesses representatives have welcomed her to her new post and wished her much success in keeping the European customs legislation up-to-date and effective. She will be tasked to support the business community during the current COVID-19 crisis and also will have to look after any customs related to Brexit legislation that may be necessary to keep good between the EU-UK flowing.

Head of Customs becomes acting Director-General

P. Kermode, the Head of Customs at DG TAXUD as assumed the temporary position of Director General of DG TAXUD from 1 May 2020. EU business welcomed his appointment: "A strong supporter of customs policy, firmly committed to keeping EU citizen's safe and business flowing" a European business leader commented.

See the new organizational chart of DG TAXUD

EU Commission COVID-19 guidance

The EU Commission's COVID-19 guidance is in its third version.

Trade Contact Group Special meeting on COVID-19

A special Trade Contact Group online meeting took place on 29 April 2020. The EU's representatives of DG TAXUD's Customs Unit met with European businesses to listen to their concerns and to present the measures that the EU Commission has taken to protect the European Union and support legitimate businesses. Topics discussed during the meeting include:

  • COVID-19 goods related controls  

  • Guidance on customs procedures and formalities

  • Import duty relief and VAT exemption on imports of protective equipment and medical devices to combat COVID-19 (Commission Decision (EU) 2020/491) 

  • Preferential origin of goods

  • Other internal border measures to protect health and preserve the Single Market

Download the PowerPoint Presentation delivered during this meeting

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