Customs Clinic: Bespoke Brexit, Customs and Trade Advice for your business - free with Gov grant

Get a full day with customs expert Arne Mielken to learn, discuss, strategize and develop an action plan for fast-tracked customs clearance.

Easy Gov Grant Application Process

The new government grant for SME's is very easy to benefit from. Administered by PwC, simply complete a small application form, send them our quote, and they will confirm your eligibility. Then let's get going!

What You Will Get when you engage with Customs Manager Ltd

  • Your very own experienced customs manager with over 10+ years of experience.

  • Customs Clinic - Six hours total face time (virtually) which you can split into 1 or two days, consisting of

  • Three hours of training (e,g, customs declarations, how to trade with EU, Customs classification, rules of origin, valuation, processes, procedures, duty relief schemes and free trade agreements - relevant for your business)

  • Three hours of bespoke customs' advice. We will apply our new knowledge to your business and discuss practical steps you can take to right away to reach your customers faster, cut red tape, costs and paperwork, de-risk and stay compliant.

  • SME Ongoing support service. We will equip you with six months of our "Customs Manager on speed-dial" subscription providing ongoing technical online support and information service even after our main engagement

  • A self-assessment Brexit preparedness health check document with necessary compliance checkpoints and three Brexit questionnaires to work through. This will ensure you have the tools to help you stay compliant - even after the consultancy has finished.

Watch what the customs clinic is like

Former business journalist Paul Mullins sat down with Arne to get some practical tips of how to navigate the Brexit complexity. Go get your own time with Arne

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About Customs Manager Ltd.

Stressed about Brexit? Wondering about the vital role that exports and imports can support your global growth strategy? Need to clear the border faster, with fewer costs and cut out the risk?

The solution is easy: Get a Customs Manager! They are global trade superstars!

At Customs Manager Ltd, we have lots of them, all ready to help you! Together, we devote all our passion and energy to fast track growth faster internationally. Working with us means to have your own multilingual Customs Manager on standby to help you trade effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly, wherever you want to go in the world. Look to us for helpful advice, insightful and fun training and relevant trade intelligence services that ensure you stay up-to-date and compliant!

Our Services

  • Expert Advice: Bespoke consulting service from certified, multilingual specialists on all customs and global trade matters with more than 15 years of experience.

  • Project support: Small or large, we help! Easy, uncomplicated - a helping hand when needed

  • Friendly and insightful training: Whatever way, form, time or length - you decide. We bring knowledge, insights and fun. Any customs or global trade topic.

  • Trade Intelligence: All the tools to save you time and ensure you excel in compliance, never missing any update or the law change. Relax, we've got you covered.

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