Customs Manager launches 2020 Training Programme

We have designed a brand-new programme for 2020 covering all essential elements of Customs & Global Trade, developing the professional, operational and even management competencies required by modern managers at a level right for you.

Every Year, a highlight in the calendar of Customs Manager's team is the launch of the new Customs & Global Trade Training Programme offering the latest and greatest information on trade topics that every customs manager and global trade professional needs to know. This year is no different. Students can look forward to twelve exciting months of study, twelve exciting C&GT topics and endless opportunities to learn and progress, no matter where you and how you want to study.

Designed by customs authorities & experts building core competencies

Like every year, our programme is based on the standards designed by customs officials and C&GT experts ensuring that throughout the year, we build the following competencies, essential for being a successful customs manager:

  1. professional (for example, dealing with operational risk, decision-making, analytical thinking, problem-solving, time management, written and oral communication and much more)

  2. operational (for example, tariff and classification, valuation, the origin of goods, free trade agreements, export controls [seperate path available], AEO and supply chain security and many more).

  3. managerial (for example entrepreneurship, negotiations, people / conflict / communication and process management).

Take a look at the topics you can study with us this year! REQUEST YOUR COPY OF THE TRAINING PROGRAMME

12+1 lessons in 2020: Incoterms ® 2020 included

This year, we are proud to have included a thirteen's, optional study module on Incoterms ® 2020. Come find out what the changes are all about and get good working knowledge with the crucially important trading terms by joining our programme today.

Four levels - let's find the right one for you

Every student is different and comes with diverse knowledge and levels of experience. For beginners to the expert user, we have got training that is right for you. Prior to accepting your application, we will ask you to complete our ranking test. This determines the level at which you will study. The possible levels are:

  1. Awareness

  2. Trained

  3. Experienced

  4. Expert

Study 12 courses to complete one level and be allowed to move up to the next level.

A modern, interactive and interesting study methodology

We don't overload you with hours and hours of material. We created bit-seized training, one topic per months. And we mix up the learning. New, innovative training is used, all online! Learners will benefit on webinars, quizzes, background summary notes, case studies and even puzzles. Want to test before you join us?

Certificate of completion

Students have one month to complete the monthly learning and complete all tasks. This will earn you a badge. Collect 12 badges to graduate and receive a certificate of completion.

Requirements to join

We exist to empower customs managers, wherever they are. So we have been careful to ensure that as many customs managers and global trade professionals as possible can join us. So if you have a computer and high-speed internet access and a willingness to learn and engage with the process, then you are very welcome.

Affordable, ongoing learning

We believe in lifeline learning, and we are serious about building the largest community of customs manager. Our training programme is therefore available not only to businesses but also individual customs managers who wish to upskill without depending on a company or who work independently. So our programme comes at the right price tag to make it possible for everyone to join us. Find out more

We are excited about this new programme, so please get in touch to find out more and see if this is for you! You can join anytime, we would love to welcome you.


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