New "Checking Service": Compliantly delay your Customs Declaration

From 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2021, UK businesses can choose to declare goods they bring into Great Britain from the EU to HMRC's customs system later than at the point of import. However, recording the right and correct information remains a significant challenge for many small and medium enterprise.

Customs Manager offers a Checking Service to make sure you enter complete, accurate and timely information into your own records and help you file your customs declaration before the deadline is up. Request more information today.

Since 1 January, HMRC allows UK businesses to enter import details in their own records without getting authorization in advance. They are then required to make the supplementary customs declaration within six months into the UK's customs systems. At this point, duties and import VAT will become payable, too.

However, businesses that decide to delay filing the customs declarations are not relieved on the requirement to collect a significant amount of information at the point of import.

Many companies worry that they may miss information or collect the incorrect data, causing significant administrative concerns when it comes to filing a customs declaration with the authorities later in the year.

Customs Manager takes the fear out of entering goods into the declarant's records, a system known as EIDR. We have designed a "EIDR Checking Service" which will make sure that you enter the right information at the right time as required by HMRC.

We carry out control on the information you have or plan to enter into your records and alert you if any information is missing or appears to be incorrect or incomplete.

Get a piece of mind to know that you enter complete, accurate and timely information into your records, in a format that makes it easy to lodge a supplementary declaration.

We even alert you when it's time to lodge your full customs declaration, help you make that declaration into HMRC systems.

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Free Information Sheet: Data required to delay your imports into Great Britain since 2021

Information required for delayed customs
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