EU & UK PLM Week 27

The following updates in Customs, Trade Agreements and Export Controls occurred the EU and the UK in week 27 of 2020 (29 June 2020 - 5 July 2020).


  1. UCC now changes Implementing Regulations

  2. EU changes regs on plants and plant products import controls

  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for UK businesses that trade internationally

  4. Up to 30% ADD duty imposed on EU imports of ferro-silicon from Russia and China

  5. San Marino sticks with EU Traces sytem for Organic products

  6. Changes to EU definitive safeguard measures against imports of certain steel product

  7. Want to import car short cooling circuit? Check out this EU classification

  8. How would you customs classify a heat sink for LED modules?

  9. A presentation box for cosmetics: CN code pretty please...?

  10. A list of all the EU Classifications regulations of 2020


  1. #BrexitReality Bites: 3 electronic Customs Forms for NI trade: Ouch that hurts!

  2. How the Irish and UK Border will work - Guardian reveal

  3. Brexit Talks: "Serious divergences remain" or long shall we keep on riding a dead horse?


  1. REMINDER: How to save money with the EUVFTA - Entering into force soon!


  3. What existing UK trade agreements with non-EU countries has the UK signed?

  4. Global Britain and the CPTPP: What does the UK want to achieve?


  1. MUST WATCH: The 90 sec video all Export Control Professionals need to see on EU-Russia sanctions

  2. ECJ dismissed Russian bank appeal against EU sanctions

  3. ECJ dismisses case of Russian Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs against EU Russia sanctions (FR or ES only)

  4. Ukraining Klymenko protests against EU sactions listing to ECJ: "My listing is unlawful"

  5. Russia: EU sanctions over Ukraine stay until 31 January 2021

  6. Venezuela: Who made it onto the EU sanction's list? Stop trading with them right away

  7. UK: Somalia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

  8. UK to make first autonomous designations - businesses should get ready for UK only export controls

  9. New letter from Iran to JCPoA: What did they respond?EU on Hong Kong: "Don’t touch Hong Kong’s autonomy!"

  10. New Spanish Sanction Draft Law

  11. How can EU companies can continue to work on Nord Stream 2 in light of the US’ authorisation of sanctions on the project?

  12. Finnland's Church Aid Charity can import into North Korea

  13. US secondary sanctions are a “mandatory provision of law” in UK contract

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