EU & UK Professional Legislative Monitoring

WEEK 26 (22-28 June 2020)


  1. EU: Full list of goods which have their duties suspended from 1 July

  2. New Technical Explainer Briefing: EU Duty Suspensions

  3. Interim Evaluation of the Union Customs Code

  4. New Technical Explainer Briefing: Union Customs Code Amendments

  5. Definite ADD and CVD levied on certain glass fibre of up to 13% from Egypt

  6. EU Recognition Certificate for Customs Academic Programmes

  7. EU Import duties in the cereals sector applicable from 23 June 2020

  8. EU anti-subsidy duty on tubes and pipes of ductile cast iron to expire in 2021 - Must submit a protest to maintain

  9. EU anti-dumping duty on tubes and pipes of ductile cast iron to expire in 2021 - Must submit a protest to maintain

  10. The EU wants to know of any problems with the import of ceramic tiles from Saudi Arabia. Will you let them know?

  11. Self-heating patch and belt classification under 3824 90 96 deemed invalid

  12. Chinese Huatai Ceramics Industry gets hit with 18% EU ADD

  13. Hunan Huazhi Ceramic Co get hit with 18% EU ADD


  1. EU-UK relations: EU adopts Brexit conclusions

  2. UK Brexit regulations on Central African Republic & Lebanon

  3. UK post Brexit cyber sanctions regs published


  1. EU: New excise rules on alcohol 2022


  1. Important EU Guidance on marketing and use of explosives precursors

  2. Declaration on the Alignment οf Certain Third Countries Concerning Restrictive Measures Against Syria

  3. Commission opinion on “control” test in EU’s targeted Russia sanctions


  5. Italian businessman convicted of exporting turbine to Russia

From Around the World

  1. WTO: Trade falls steeply in the first half of 2020

  2. UN: Panel report on DRC arms embargo violations & gold smuggling

About Professional Legislative Monitoring, referred to as PLM.

Part of our suite of solutions to empower customs managers, PLM allows global trade professionals to save time and free up skilled staff to carry out more strategic tasks. Subscribers to PLM receive a professionally curated compilation of legislative changes that occurred in the prior week, created by experienced trade specialists and quality assessed before release.

Readers can rest assured that they have not missed any updates. Subscribers can save time by forgiving to scan through floods of marketing emails and blog entries and instead focus on operational performance and long-term profitability.

We offer three plans.

  • The BASIC plan allows readers to get to know the changes that occurred last week. It does not contain links to legislation and additional background notes as well as other benefits.

  • The ADVANCED plan allows the reader to understand the change and assess the impact on their business. It provides the direct links to the legislation, technical explainer briefings and a subscriber hotline

  • The PRO plan provides daily and bespoke monitoring, access to a worldwide network of customs experts, discounts to training and education and bespoke consultation.

About Customs Manager

Our mission is to create the world's largest community of empowered Customs managers and Global Trade Professionals. We achieve this through professional legislative monitoring, ongoing training & education, and providing first-class support. In this way, we strengthen the overall customs & global trade (C&GT) profession by creating up-to-date, well-trained, and supported customs managers ready to grow global trade effectively, efficiently, and compliantly. Always up to date. Always learning. Always supported.

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