New "Customs Manager On Speed Dial" Service

Businesses and people with import and export responsibilities have many questions that need fast answering. While questions there are many, the right answers are few and far between. Authorities take long to respond and if they do, they rarely tell the business what they really need to know. The result? Companies are left stranded without a clear answer to their question, risking trade compliance issues and costly delays.

Until now. Customs Manager offers a personalized Q&A service to get businesses unlimited answers to tough questions - and fast! We call it the

"Customs Manager On Speed Dial" service.

Your Own Expert On Standby

Our "Customs Manager on Seed Dial" service allows businesses and people with import and export responsibilities to access practical and straightforward expert knowledge. You will be paired with one of our customs & global trade specialists, who are ready to answer your questions.

Your Dedicated Customs Manager

When you join us, you will be allocated one of our experts who will serve as your contract for your business.

Getting to Know Your Business and You

Your expert will be in touch with you to ask you a few questions about your business and to get to know you and your customs and trade management structure, trade routes, operations, simplifications, licences and authorizations.

Unlimited Questions

Our goal is to ensure that your goods flow freely and compliantly around the world, as efficiently and effectively as possible. To help you do this, you need a partner who will be available for you when you need her or him. This should not be limited by a time counter or the number of questions. So we throw in unlimited questions, as long as it is reasonable :-). Subject to conditions

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