We are new to exporting, we only sold to the EU before. What should our priorities be?

Markus J., an exporter since 2021, having only ever sent goods to the EU, so far. As an ongoing support subscriber, he gets to ask all his questions on customs and global trade and get a reply. Here is what we answered.

Hi Markus,

Thank you very much for your great questions. We get that question a lot. You did great by subscribing to the ongoing support service. You now get unlimited support for all your customs and global trade questions from your dedicated customs manager. You even get their mobile number, if needed.

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As regards your question, I recommend you take a look at our export hub, called "Successful Exporting". It is full of insightful blog entries, videocasts, explainer documents etc. For example, start by viewing these blog entries:

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There is also very useful information on export documentation, see here

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Don't forget about export licences, too.

If you like interaction and talking to people, we run free taster webinars on "Essential exporting" where we discuss the top 10 tips of how what to consider when exporting to the EU and further afield. Exporting to new markets can offer a wealth of opportunity to diversify one’s customer base and gain additional revenue streams. Get it wrong, and you can find yourself a lot of trouble. Markus, book your free spot here: https://www.customsmanager.org/how-to-export-sucessfully

You can also join our more in-depth training, which goes through all the essential need-to-knows: https://www.customsmanager.org/bookings-checkout/training-exporting-essentials?referral=service_list_widget

Again, we are excited to have you with us, and we hope to see you at one of our next networking events and updates. And if you have a specific question, just what's app or message your dedicated customs manager.

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