Official border and transition period ending details: You need to about these six new developments!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Access all the last weeks' official Brexit announcements and document regarding border easements and ending the transition period and more here. UPDATE for ADVANCED subscribers: 17 June 2020 - Read HMRC's Draft Discussion Paper "The Border with the European Union Importing and Exporting Goods" and Access an infographic on how the "Three Stage Border" will work,

Who? The UK Cabinet Office, the European Commission and the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy When? 12 June 2020 (Updated 17 June 2020) Document: Press Release, Guidance, Government Notifications What happened?

  1. Following a meeting with the EU-UK Withdrawal Joint Committee on 12 June 2020, the UK has formally notified the EU that it will neither accept nor seek an extension to the Transition Period.

Click here for details and direct link

  1. The UK also announced that it will introduce the new border controls in three stages up until 1 July 2021.

Click here for details and direct link

There was also new guidance issued on

3. Importing animals, animal products and high-risk food and feed not of animal origin from a non-EU country, from 1 January 2021. Details and direct link

4. Importing and exporting plants and plant products from 1 January 2021. Details and direct link. How to trade in plants and plant products, including trees, inside and outside the EU from 1 January 2021. Click here for details and link

5. The UK issued a list of customs agents and fast parcel operators from 1 January 2021. Details and direct link

6. The UK also announced a significant amount of new funding for certain operators. Details and direct link

In total, there were six important announcements. But there were 7 others, also noteworthy. Get the overview here: UK: More essential updates from GOV to prepare for trading outside the EU

You can access all the details to the six updates, including direct links to the announcements' guidance here.

What's happening on 15 June 2020?

Later today, the Prime Minister will hold high-level talks with EU leaders in a bid to break the deadlock facing UK-EU trade talks. This follows calls from both sides for a new impetus in the negotiations, after the most recent round of talks ended on June 5 with no meaningful progress, and the UK reiterated its intention not to extend the transition period.

Accelerate timetable To reflect this new approach, both sides have agreed an accelerated timetable, with negotiating rounds set to take place, in person, each week of July. These will focus on the most contentious issues, such as EU demands for a regulatory “level playing field” on state aid, labour rights and environmental law, and access to fishing waters. Back in Westminster, it will be a quiet week on the Brexit front, with most business in the chamber focused on the Government’s on-going response to the coronavirus pandemic. The main action will be down committee corridor, with two of the Government’s flagship Brexit Bills undergoing detailed line by line scrutiny in Public Bill Committee, in addition to four Select Committee evidence sessions ranging from post-Brexit environmental policy, to the future scrutiny of UK trade agreements. Looking ahead:

  • 29 June: Next meeting of UK and EU Chief Negotiators

  • 1 July: Date in the Political Declaration by which the UK and EU will endeavour to conclude a new fisheries agreement.

  • 1 July: Deadline for the Joint Committee to decide if the transition period should be extended.

  • 21 July: The House of Commons breaks for the summer recess. 

  • 31 December 2020: Date in law for the end of the transition period.

Why does it matter?

  • The UK has left the European Union.

  • The transition period will end on 31 December 2020 at 11pm BST.

  • EU and UK businesses need to trade with the EU/UK under WTO trade terms, with import and export formalities in place.

  • A trade deal will not mitigate the need for custom formalities, however, may bring tariff and duty facilitations and simplifications.

What can I do?

  1. Understand the new arrangements for border clearance by 2021.

  2. Read the Cabinet and EU Commission announcement from last week

  3. Get a high-level overview of what trading as a third country to the EU (without or with a deal) means by reading Corinne's expert blog

  4. Get Brexit expert training

  5. Download Corinne's Must Knows about Brexit Guide (free to BASIC subscribers)

  6. Watch our 45 minute expert talk on Brexit (free to BASIC subscribers)

  7. Evaluate how you are impacted by Brexit, looking at goods, people, import and export flows.

  8. Contact your expert to discuss how they can help you

Expert to Contact Corinne Nabavi More Information for Advanced or Pro Subscribers Access with one click:

  1. Direct access to the UK Cabinet of the announcement ending of the transition period

  2. Comments by the EU Commission

  3. Read Draft Discussion Paper "The Border with the European Union Importing and Exporting Goods"

  4. Access an infographic on how the will work "Three Stage Border"

  5. Training with a certain animal, food, plant and wood packaging

  6. Accessing more money from HMRC

  7. Questionnaire on Northern Ireland

  8. UK Freight forwarders from 2021

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