OPINION: “There will be NO trade deal or The art of making BREXIT hard, difficult and costly

Over the last four years, the UK has become a country that knows how to make a process as complex, difficult, divisive and costly. Brexit is the best example. Whenever a shortcut was offered, it was “No thank you, we’d rather take the long, difficult road”. Did the results justify the means? Speaking at the end of the 7th negotiation round,

EU Chief Brexit negotiator M. Barnier expressed was seriously concerned about the lack of progress and the negotiators remaining “worlds’ apart”. With the window of opportunity to strike a deal closing, the need to prepare for no trade deal. EU-GB, EU-GB, GB-NI, NI-GB trade flows need to be reviewed and impact assessed.

Certificated, permits and authorizations may need to be applied for. Incoterms need to be looked at.

And who will pick up the costs?

You? Your customers?

And in addition, if talks do break down this or next coming months, except last-minute laws, changes to border processes and procedures to be signed into law swiftly. How are you keeping up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes?

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