Professional Legislative Monitoring - WEEK 24

Important legislative updates in the field of Customs, Trade Agreements and Export Controls for the EU, UK and the US from 8 - 14 June 2020.


  1. Official border and transition period ending details: You need to about these six new developments!

  2. Brexit: EU’s import system TRACES replaced by the UK’s new Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS) for imports

  3. Moving good in wood pallets, crates, boxes and more post-Brexit - New Guidance

  4. Hey “sovereign” UK: Want to export food to the EU next year? Better learn about tariff quotas fast!

  5. EU-UK talks: MEPs united behind EU stance, rejecting UK cherry-picking

  6. No Brexit Extension - EU Commission confirms

  7. US: 34 more products excluded from punitive China Tariffs

  8. Rescission of the Withdrawal of the Bifacial Solar Panels Exclusion

  9. U.S. ADD and CDV Measures and USITC announcements

  10. ACE Truck Manifest Enhancement - Trade Support Calls for US businesses

  11. U.S. Customs Import-Export & Duty Saving's Drawback Rules and Guidance Updated

  12. UK: More essential updates from GOV to prepare for trading outside the EU

  13. US: More time for 232 National Security Investigation of Certain U.S. Imports


  1. EVFTA is approved, entry into force in Summer this year! Everyone get ready now!

  2. Save money with EVFTA (Webinar on 13 July 2020)

  3. UK and Japan: Towards Free(er) trade

  4. EU-Vietnam FTA: With EVFTA approved, REX will become mandatory as early as next month

  5. Training: EU's REX and how to make correct REX statement of origins

  6. UK eyes CPTPP as it launches future tech - UK Trade Boss says

  7. Future Africa-Caribbean-Pacific States/EU Partnership: “Post-Cotonou” negotiations resume at ministerial level

  8. Has there been any progress on the update to the EU-Chile FTA modernisation effort?

  9. Did EU Trade with Belarus just become easier?

  10. ITC launches investigation of the economic impact on the United States of all trade agreements


  1. US Prohibits Interactions with the International Criminal Court

  2. Live Webinar: Introduction to Chinese Export Controls

  3. US enforces key Iranian Vessels designations

  4. US lists Iran Supreme Leader

  5. Check out the updated U.S. Cuba Restricted List with more listings

  6. U.S. extends sanctions against Belarus

  7. ITAR: Send Comments Regarding Temporary Suspensions, Modifications, and Exceptions to Several Provisions of the ITAR


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