STOP PRESS: 22 Mio for UK SMEs to get Brexit ready(ier)....

Contact us to help you leverage the new £20+ million SME Brexit Support Fund to help with trade rules changes with the EU. Check out our brand-new training and support programmes.

The UK government has announced that traders will be able to apply for a grant of up to £2,000 to pay for practical support for importing and exporting. Customs Manager Ltd will help SME's to leverage these funds and offers an attractive training programme including a 5-week upskill course to turn you into a Certified Customs Practitioner. Contact us today to assess how we can help businesses to prepare for the implementation of import controls which come into force from April and July.

What you’ll be able to use the grant for

You can use the grant for training on:

  • how to complete customs declarations

  • how to manage customs processes and use customs software and systems

  • specific import and export related aspects including VAT, excise and rules of origin

It can be used to help you get professional advice, so your business can meet its customs, excise, import VAT or safety and security declaration requirements.

Customs Manager Ltd offers training programs and advice tailored to SMS on all areas covered by the grant scheme.

You can use the grant for training on:

  • how to complete customs declarations

  • how to manage customs processes and use customs software and systems

  • specific import and export related aspects including VAT, excise and rules of origin.

Customs Manager Ltd offers individual training programs and advice tailored to SME's on all areas covered by the grant scheme.

For our latest training plan, see:

  • The range of half-day and full-day training courses offer includes:

  • Hands-On Customs Declaration Workshops: The key to successful customs declarations

  • Working with CHIEF, CDS and NCTS: Customs Systems explained

  • Importing Essential Training

  • Exporting Essential Training

  • Importing for Pros

  • Exporting for Pros

  • The transit procedure in practice

  • Rules of Origin and Proofs of Origin under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

  • Rules of Origin in EU & UK Trade Agreements

  • Supplier Declaration and Statement on Origin Workshops

  • Customs Classification and Tariff Code Determination

  • Customs Valuation unlocked

  • Worry-free Import and Export Controls

  • SPS-Agri-Food Import and Export Training

  • Authorized Economic Operator - How to get certified

  • The new UK Customs Law - explained (Legal Analysis)

Please contact us at for a full list with all timings and indicate which programme interests you.

Join our hands-on Certified Customs & Global Trade Practitioner Programme

We are pleased to offer our latest comprehensive certification programme called "Certified Customs & Global Trade Practitioner". In 5 sessions, to be completed in just 5 weeks, using a blended format of live, practical workshops and online study, learners fast-track their way to customs & global trade competence. With a strong focus on "learning by doing", this programme is the most interactive you can make in customs learning today. Case studies, simulations and guided form and paperwork completion run supreme to simulate real-life situations, so you can get stuck into it from the moment you are certified.

The programme is designed based on the standards of the CustCompEU - EU Customs Competency Framework. The European Union Customs Competency Framework (CustCompeu) aims at harmonising and raising customs performance standards throughout the EU. It has been developed in collaboration with public and private experts from EU countries, the World Customs Organization (WCO) and other international sources.

Learners who complete a practical assessment will receive a formal certificate of completion as a Certified Customs & Global Trade Practitioner.

Please contact us at for a full schedule and information on how and when to join.

Professional Customs and Global Trade Advice

The grant can also be used to help you get professional advice, so your business can meet its customs, excise, import VAT or safety and security declaration requirements. We offer a wide range of practical support:

  • Practical Brexit readiness workshops

  • One-to-one Customs & Global Trade Clinics

  • Excise advice

  • VAT advice

  • Supply Chain arrangements

  • How to set up in the EU

  • AEO certification support service

  • Leveraging Customs special procedures

  • Duty Suspensions and quotas

and much more.

Multilingual support

We offer support in four languages: Spanish, German, French and English. Please contact us for details.

Who will be able to apply for the grant

Your business must:

  • be established in the UK

  • have been established in the UK for at least 12 months before submitting the application, or currently hold Authorised Economic Operator status

  • not have previously failed to meet its tax or customs obligations

  • have no more than 500 employees

  • have no more than £100 million turnover

  • import or export goods between Great Britain and the EU, or moves goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Your business must also either:

  • complete (or intend to complete) import or export declarations internally for its own goods

  • use someone else to complete import or export declarations but requires additional capability internally to effectively import or export (such as advice on rules of origin or advice on dealing with a supply chain)

Apply using the Customs Manager's Grant Application Service Support Team

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will be administering the grants for HMRC. You will apply online but the applications are not open yet. Customs Manager Ltd has a Grant application service support team to help you leverage this opportunity. Contact them at to understand how we can help you and the programs we offer.

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We are on a mission to empower people with import, export and transport responsibilities with helpful advice, insightful training and relevant trade intelligence services. We devote all our passion and energy to helping businesses grow faster cross-border. Working with us means to have your own multilingual Customs Manager on standby to help you trade effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly, wherever you want to go in the world. Includes Brexit support and the ability to lodge customs declarations + Rules of Origin

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