US PLM Week 27

The following customs, trade agreements and export control updates occurred in Week 27 (29 June 2020 - 5 July 2020) in the US.

US CUSTOMS CBP Implements New and Innovative U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

  1. Men's Shoe HTS Classification, Steel Doctor Blades in Coils, Rain Gauges and CBTPA: Highlights of CBP's Customs Bulletin Weekly

  2. CBP Detains Chinese Shipment of Suspected Forced Labor Products Made with Human Hair

  3. CBP Q3 Absolute Quota Section 232 Quota Limits

  4. QB 20-603 Absolute Quota for Steel Mill Articles: Argentina, Brazil and South Korea Commodity

  5. US ITC investigation into Drill Bits and Products

  6. 337 investigation certain chemical mechanical planarization slurries and components

  7. Existing antidumping duty order on imports of tow-behind lawn groomers from China stay!


  1. USMCA Explainer Video: All You Need To Know

  2. USMCA Video Series: Part 1 Introduction

  3. USMCA Video Series: Part 2 What changes?

  4. USMCA Video Series: Part 3: Rules of origin

  5. USMCA Video Series: Part 4: What business can do now

  6. US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Implementing Instructions (Final)

  7. USMCA Post-Importation Claims and MPF Processing

  8. Filing Post-Importation Claims Under USMCA

  9. USMCA: Chapter 13 Waiver of Discriminatory Purchasing Requirements details published

  10. USMCA: ACE NCAP changes to Reconciliation for Filing Post-Importation Claims


  1. US Revocation of Hong Kong Special Status

  2. US: No More Controlled Defense Exports to Hong Kong

  3. 8 Iranian companies listed - including German and UAE companies

  4. US Publication of Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory

  5. Visa Restrictions on China Officals for Hong Kong Law

  6. US House of Representatives passes Hong Kong Autonomy Bill

  7. Venezuela: Maritime and shipping companies removed from OFAC's SDN List

  8. Don't forget to file your mandatory 2020 Annual Report of Blocked Property!

  9. Revocation of Venezuela-related General License; Venezuela-related Designations Removals

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