US Professional Legislative Monitoring - Week 26

22-28 June 2020


  1. 3 important Guidance documents issued on US-China Tariffs - Make sure you can save money!

  2. Made in USA: New Labelling Rules Proposed

  3. USTR: "Comments Requested on Extension of 301 Exclusions"

  4. Drugs, Cheese from France, Shrimp from India and more: US Food Import Alerts Modified 15-21 June 2020

  5. Tell CBP what they can do for YOU

  6. Craft Beverage Modernization Act (CBMA) – Tips for Properly Filing Claims 2020

  7. FTC Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Repeal of the Care Labeling Rule

  8. Join the CBP Trade Support Network for Free

  9. US ADD and CDV latest cases


  1. USMCA enters into force next week. All you need to know here

  2. Watch out the entire 4 part USMCA YouTube Expert Talk

  3. Part 4 of the USMCA talk: Practical Tips for businesses

  4. USTR: "Enforcement of Rights of U.S. in WTO Large Civil Aircraft Dispute"

  5. Opening Statement of Ambassador Lighthizer to the House Ways and Means Committee


  1. US: Important Policy Speech on Counter-Terrorism Report + China and Iran

  2. OFAC: Major Iranian Metals Companies and Foreign Subsidiaries and Sales Agents

  3. Which 5 Iranian Captains Who Delivered Gasoline to the Maduro Regime in Venezuela were designated?

  4. US-China Tariff: Extension of 2nd and 3rd Set of Section 301 Exclusions - Comments!

  5. Sanction Actions Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Persons Contributing to the Situation in Syria

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WTO: Trade falls steeply in the first half of 2020

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