Why I am going to Singapore ...

From August 22-24, 2019, I will be joining an amazing bunch of exceptional managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and business executives at the not to be missed #SmartlyinSingapore conference. Here is why...

If you ever searched for MBA or EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration, chances are high that Smartly sooner or later pops up on your Facebook feed or on LinkedIn. The offer is hard to believe: A free MBA for the right candidate, delivered exclusively online using modern technology to the fullest. What a cool start-up idea! Brilliantly disruptive! So millennial! In short, Smartly is the business school of the future.

Why I chose #Smartly for my EMBA...

For senior or top-career professionals and entrepreneurs, Smartly adds advanced leadership, management, strategy, and entrepreneurship courses to the core MBA curriculum, and offers additional class projects, career services and networking events. That sounded good to me, so I joined in Summer 2018 and in August 2019, during the conference, I will be submitting my EMBA final capstone project, a business plan of my own company! And yes, you guessed it right - it is Customs Manager! So, by reading this and looking through www.customsmanager.com you are - in fact - part of that very business plan! Congratulations!

Networking & on-site workshops around the world

During the program, I was offered to attend three EMBA-exclusive workshop and networking weekends in cities around the world (Washington DC, Dublin, and Singapore). I attended the Dublin event and was able to socialize with exceptional classmates while putting your learning to use in group case studies. I cannot wait to do it again in Singapore - maybe I win a precious #Smartly T-Shirt this time!


A regular feature of the Smartly conference is giving a TED-like talk, at this will take place again at the Singapore 2019 Conference. I was told by Smartly "Because we have more people interested than slots open, we require that you submit a short audition video. I know you also mentioned that you were interested in pitching your capstone project - we would welcome that as well! Please email a short video excerpt (2-3 minutes) of yourself giving part of your talk"

Pitching my Capstone project

So, I the task was clear - a video had to be produced. And what can I say, after much editing and takes and re-takes, here it is! The reason why I am creating the world's largest community of EMPOWERED customs managers. Always up to date. Continuously learning. Always supported and always affordable. I hope you enjoy it!

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See you for #SmartlyInSingapore!

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