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This training course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction on biosecurity and veterinary border controls (SPS). It covers topics such as identifying risks posed by imported goods, quarantine processes, and the development of effective surveillance and response systems. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to ensure compliance with international biosecurity and veterinary border control standards. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to implement efficient and effective biosecurity and veterinary border control systems.

Biosecurity & Veterinary Border Controls (SPS)

  • What this course is all about - in a nutshell

    This three-hour on–demand course is designed to help you identify SPS controls and to obtain the necessary licences before importing and exporting. It is ideal for customs and global trade professionals that must become competent in all aspects of the imports of live animals, products of animal origin, live plants, plant products, animal by-products etc. This means being able to deal with regarding the aspects of biosecurity and SPS controls and the trade in food, feed etc. It focuses predominantly on the EU and the UK SPS control system.


    What do you get from purchasing this course?

    • Live Recording of the course delivered in Summer 2023
    • Full pdf slide deck
    • Certificate of Completion once you complete the quiz and pass with 80% correct answers.



    Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) regulations regulate international commerce in foods, plants, and animal goods. Your products will need certifications, checks, and inspections as an importer of SPS items. Before your items may enter a country, these must be completed at the border.


    Importers may be ready to ensure effectiveness and compliance with our specialised training modules and consulting services.


    What we will cover in this course

    • SPS - What does this mean?
    • Introduction of Food Control at Global Level: SPS Agreement of the WTO
    • Example of Food Control in Free Trade Agreements: EU-UK TCA SPS measures
    • Type of Products subject to SPS controls (POAO, Composites, ABPs, Plants, Live etc)
    • Getting to know the regulatory bodies controlling SPS product flow.
    • Pre-notifications: A closer look at TRACES and IPAFFS
    • EU Offical Controls Requirements for import of food, feed, POAO and Plant Products
    • Latest UK DEFRA SPS controls under the UK Target Operating Model to be import-ready.
    • Walk Through the Common Health Entry Certificate (CHED)
    • Identification of applicable Health Certificate that Exporters and Importers should use (For example EU and UK)
    • Step by Step Walk Through the SPS import and export process


    Who would benefit from this course?

    The worldwide sales, supply chain, accounting/finance, customs, and shipping professionals involved in shipping affected goods at any level may benefit from this training. Please get in touch with for more information.


    Who is the trainer/instructor?

    Customs & Global Trade Expert Arne Mielken or a customs & global trade professional partner with many years of practical experience in the course subject.


    Expected Outcome and Results

    Upon completion of this course, you will have developed a great general awareness and thorough knowledge of:

    - The rules and regulations governing SPS controls in the EU and the UK

    - How to obtain an SPS licence and make pre-notifications

    - How to identify SPS licensable products.

    - How to set up an SPS export and import-compliant import and export process.



    Participants are invited to complete a Quiz after the training. If they pass with a rate of 80%, they will receive a Certificate of Completion in "Biosecurity & Veterinary Border Controls " - Level 1 - Awareness. This ascertains that you have received formal training and have met the above-mentioned outcomes and results.

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