To support the COVID-19 Customs and Global Trade training, we offer excellent Bonus Material to learn faster and deliver insightful presentations, speak confidently about the subject, write evidence-led reports and interesting e-mails on the subject. Bonus Material takes your training to a whole new level and delivers the tools you need to succeed in your day-to-day job as an empowered customs' manager when it comes to discussing COVID-19 measures.

COVID-19 Customs and Global Trade Training

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  • About Bonus Material

    The Bonus Material complements your training. It does not replace it. It enables you to complete the training better and to pass the quiz in no time. It also allows to take the training with you wherever you go and study it whenever and wherever you want and on any device you want. The additional support material and the glossary of terms deepens understanding and provides evidence for any reports or presentation you need to make. Purchasing the Bonus Material even automatically extends your license - authorizing you to copy and paste out of PowerPoint Presentation and make use of it as you seem fit. With this Bonus material, you unlock it all, you save time and sound smart. Go get them!

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