Does your business leverage preferential duties to cut customs duties and reduce product cost? Are you required to make statements of origin using the REX system? Want to use REX  but not sure what it is and how to use it correctly? Would you like to learn what statements of origin are and how to make them out correctly in the context of the EU's REX system?  Then this on demand-live training may just be what you need. Designed as a modern, bite-seized education, you can learn how to classify correctly in under two hours. Understand what and how the EU REX system works, learn the practical steps to take on how to register for it and what opportunities and responsibilities result from it. Get familiar with the statements of origin on the invoice declarations and understand how to make them out.  Explore how to effectively communicate with your customers and clients in other countries to help them accept your statements. This training is loaded with practical examples. The training comes with a full training plan with a workbook, case studies, background information, a copy of the slides and even quiz. Complete the training and receive an e-certificate and badge in recognition of your efforts.

EU's REX and how to make correct REX statement of origins


    • An overview of free trade agreements 
    • An introduction to rules of origin
    • What is the EU’s REX system?
    • How to determine if a product qualifies for preferential duties
    • What are the opportunities and responsibilities for exporters
    • Which countries apply REX?
    • How do I register?
    • Making out correct statements of origin
    • Common mistakes when making out statements of origin
    • Practical examples

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