This training provides an essential overview of import processes and procedures and the legal framework. It is an introductory course that provides the fundamental principles of successful exporting. By the end of the training, customs manager and global trade professionals new to their role will understand what exporting and global trade is and how it fits into a standard international trade transaction, what the essential legal provisions are (regardless of where you are in the world) and the practical steps you can take to start exporting successfully.  Includes a case study, explanation of the training plan for learning success and test questions to prepare for the quiz.

Essential Export Webinar

SKU: CET-003-Export_Essential

    • What is an export? What is global trade and why is it different from domestic trade?
    • Where does exporting sit in any cross border trade transaction?
    • What are the steps to take for successful exporting?
    • Best practice processes and procedures for successful exporting.
    • Dealing with partners and stakeholders
    • Legal provisions regarding exporting
    • Customs elements relevant to exporting
    • Case Study
    • Common questions
    • The training plan explained
    • Test questions to prepare for the Quiz

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