Are you exporting out of the U.S.? Are you exporting U.S. goods across borders anywhere else in the world? Are you collaborating with technicians, specialists and experts online around the globe? Are you shipping goods to destinations subject to sanctions and embargoes? Are you actually not sure where the goods end up and who uses them? Do you deal with the military? If you say YES to any of these questions, please consider getting upskilled with the U.S. foundations training on Export Controls. 

Foundations of U.S. Export Controls


    • What are U.S. Export Controls? 
    • Country Policy, End-Use, End-User, and Product Controls
    • Definitions – Export, Re-export, Deemed Exports, transfer and transshipment
    • Agencies that regulate U.S. Exports
    • A first look at EAR and ITAR regulations
    • 10 General Prohibitions
    • Are my goods subject to the EAR? Understanding Commerce Control List (CCL), „Reason for Control“ determination and reading the Commerce Country Chart.
    • Understanding EAR99
    • License Exceptions
    • General Licenses
    • Sanctions and Embargoes
    • Restricted Party Lists 

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