The pre-lodgement model GVMS has been announced for entry into operation on 1 January 2021 after the UK has left the EU's Customs Union and will operate and control its own borders. The border in the English Channel and the Irish Sea now requires additional "paperwork" to be filed in various computer systems to set timeframes to enable effective customs controls. Trading with Great Britain and Northern Ireland will become a "festival of data exchanges" (positive spin). This specialist webinar is dedicated to explaining how the system will work. 

Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) Training


    1. What is GVMS and why does it matter?

    2. Actors responsible for lodging into GVMS

    3. Information required 

    4. Timeframes & deadlines

    5. How and when will the driver know?

    6. Dealing with irregularities 

    7. Northern Ireland and the services of the TSS

    8. A walk through the GVMS flows in GB and NI

    9. Your Questions

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