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In August 2007 I launched my career at Swiss Federal Customs Administration. There I was taught Swiss customs laws from the ground up and subsequently received my vocational qualification as a customs specialist / officer.

For a total of eight years, I worked as a customs officer in various functions. Among other things, I was responsible for controlling shipping containers at Zurich Airport according to various aspects. At Zurich postal distribution centre, I checked incoming mail from all over the world. In particular, I was also responsible for compliance with the "Non-Customs Legislation Decrees" (NZE), which are becoming increasingly important due to increasing requirements. At Zurich customs office, I was responsible for the checking of various local importers and exporters. In doing so, I learned about their challenges in dealing with customs laws from the inside out and always attached importance to a dialogue based on partnership.

In 2015, I switched to the private sector and joined the customs team of a global company specialising in medical diagnostic products. For this company, I cleaned up the article master data with a focus on customs tariff numbers as well as export control and was also responsible for customs clearance of import shipments using SAP GTS.

Between June 2017 and April 2020 I worked as a consultant at FineSolutions Ltd. with a focus on customs tariff numbers, export control and non-customs regulations. I brought my diverse experience in the customs administration as well as in the private sector to my consulting and seminars in a lively way. It was important to me to always have an open ear for the concerns of the clients.

In May 2020 I went back to the mechanical engineering industry specialising in electric household appliances with a focus on (capsule) coffee makers. Together with my lovely colleagues, I am responsible for the article master data, again with a focus on customs tariff numbers as well as on the determination of preferential origin in terms of free trade agreements of Switzerland, the European Union and China.

Since June 2019 I have also been working as a commissioner for life story work for a Swiss youth welfare charity. As a former foster child, I accompany current foster children on their way into adulthood and help them come to terms with their often difficult but also positive childhood memories.