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Visiting our website and this page means you get to download the free version of this update every week – just to say thank you for visiting us. You also get an archive of the previous version. However, it is worth noting that this version does not include live links or supportive documents. The free version also contains adds to cover the cost of the work.

Week 5/2023

Customs and Global Trade Update

What This Is All About

​Read our weekly update to gain an understanding of the most recent customs processes and procedures (including AEO), trade agreements, biosecurity and veterinary border controls, indirect taxes (customs duty, excise, import VAT/GST), export controls, fines, KYC and due diligence, and other topics of interest. The United States of America, the United Kingdom (with a special focus on Northern Ireland), and the European Union are the three regions whose news we cover. Get familiar with the latest events taking place throughout the globe and the organisations such as the WCO and the WTO.

I am delighted to send you for download the Read-Only Version of Week 5, 2023. Customs and Global Trade Update. This version has no active links or supportive documents – but it is free of charge, so that's a fair deal, don’t you think?

What We Cover This Week

This year marks the third anniversary of Brexit, so let's take a look back at some of the coverage it's had over the last few years in the media and on social media. Does today's timetable allow for Brexit to go place?

The European Union (EU) has released the EU Maritime Single Window's technical data components. We go down the latest changes to the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), including the updated FTA State of Play and revised rules of origin.

Did you know that in 2023 Germany will be implementing new or revised Customs IT systems as part of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act? Learn about the latest ATLAS 10.1.1 (export/AES) update, the new ID system, the Customs Portal, and ICS2 Release 2. Remember that in just a few weeks we will be entering Phase 2 of ICS.

The updated HMRC transit guidelines were much-needed enhancements in the United Kingdom. Together with the introduction of NCTS 5, this will represent a major transition. So, how exactly do you plan to prepare for it?

Did you hear about the new programme in the United States designed to expand export opportunities for small enterprises there?

Did you tune in to see The Customs Show, round two? In the most recent episode of The Customs Show, I report on the ODASCE Customs Colloque in Biarritz, where I spoke with industry leaders in depth about trade facilitation, information technology, Brexit, and customs training. The video has been released, and you can see it at:

I'd like to ask whether you've yet enrolled in our Diploma in Customs Competencies, which has a different track for both newcomers and seasoned customer-facing executives. Is this the only course that offers a comprehensive education in customs administration? Newcomers to seasoned managers, directors, and specialists in international trade regulations. Absolutely nothing else like it exists, and that makes us extremely happy. Please contact  or visit  for additional information or to get a prospectus.

Week 4/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

International Customs Day comes around once a year, and we dedicate the first part of this update to exploring the theme of this year. We also ask provocatively, does the WCO still matter in 2023? And: What is in it for businesses?

As regards the customs & global trade updates, there a quite a few minutes and agendas of EU customs meetings to go through, as well as an insightful read of the EU non-paper on the customs formalities on the return of e-commerce goods and a new study: After Brexit, what will happen to UK trade? If you are dealing with agri-foods, the Newcastle and the rare Aujeszky disease outbreaks in the EU may affect biosecurity import and export veterinary controls. And those in alcohol, tobacco, energy etc., will find the  EU Excise IT project and law reform minutes of a 2022 helpful meeting. On the export control front, why not take part in the EU stakeholder consultation on how data on export restrictions is collected?

Over to the UK, thanks to everyone so much for attending the “UK Customs Update 2023”. The feedback has been super positive, and we look forward to engaging with you soon on more updates. In the news, the Accounting Officer validated and approved the UK Single Trade Window Programme evaluation. We have received updates on the Retained EU Law Bill and technical CDS changes. Learn about the five priorities of the UK trade secretary and download our complete guide on how to import agri-food goods into the EU. The UK also has an export control consultation: What new name for LITE? On Sanctions, read a report on the effectiveness of UK sanctions on Russia.

The US formally nominated their US WCO Secretary General candidate, Updated the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) and signed a new Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the next start date of our Diploma in Customs Competences will be 1 April 2022. It is the only program developing essential customs competencies for all levels, from beginners to managers, senior managers/directors, and customs experts. It is truly unique, and we are very proud of it. To find out more and order our prospectus, email or visit:

Week 03/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

We look back at a big week. The World Economic Forum in Davos gave important indications of our leaders' global economic trade priorities – the US Inflation Reduction Act still rubbed Europeans the wrong way. We also get a crucial outlook on EU priorities to turn Europe carbon neutral – a must-read if you want to know what’s in store.

We applaud HMRC for publishing extensive new guidance on transit – this is much appreciated. We have consolidated all this further support in a single document. Make good use of the 30+ pages transit guide; arguably, they can serve as a blueprint for a business’ transit policy. Another guide for download answers, “Exporting out Great Britain using CDS and GVMS – How to do it?” I hope it will save you time and improve compliance.

The EU Member States were busy themselves: France and Spain signed a new cooperation pact and Irelands Revenue Authority, and I talked to 150+ businesses on the new export customs declaration system in a webinar, which goes live – now- in Spring this year. Download slides and watch my 30+ minute YouTube video on AES. Join our training on AES this Tuesday – book through the Irish Exporter Association.

Over to the US, why not join the free webinars on Forced Labor? We have a new blog entry on this, too.

Week 2/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

Last week, on LinkedIn, I asked you to send me your UK-related customs questions. Thank you for the many questions! Read the responses in this update! The UK takes centre stage over the next two weeks as we prepare for the 2023 UK Customs Update. Learn about the latest customs and global trade changes in a four-hour online training. Topics to discuss include UK Trade Tariff Changes 2023, UK Customs & Trade Legislation after Brexit: Acts, Statutory Instruments, Notice etc., Navigating Gov.UK to find your way around customs laws and legislation, CDS - How to lodge customs declarations in the UK + workarounds, the New Border Operating Model, Single Trade Window and Ecosystem of Trust, an update on UK Free Trade Agreements and trade with Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Protocol. This online event is great on the 26th and is excellent for anyone importing into or exporting from the UK. This is particularly true for customs managers, trade professionals, logistics and warehouse managers, freight forwarders, agents, consultants, advisors and lawyers who wish to understand UK customs law and legislation impact daily operations. Get your ticket on

Speaking of the UK, this update includes details of HMRC’s guidance for traders affected by the CDS overcharge problem at the end of the year. Excellent news for Liverpool, Felixstowe and Harwich, being approved as Free Ports. We explain what it means and why UK freeports are in a better position than EU freeports. We also comment on the new Plant Biosecurity Strategy and summarise the response of the UK Government to the questions by the UK Parliament’s Export Control Committee.

Speaking of Export Controls, the EU has released its 2023 Dual Use List amendments and will explain what changed. Then, we turn our focus back to EU customs and implement the UCC e-customs systems. After the Netherlands and France, Ireland comes into focus: The Irish UCC Automated Export System (AES) will go live on 30 January 2023 and Irish, and EU businesses need to learn about it. This is also relevant for UK traders, who will start with CDS exports later in the year. I will join a free-for-all webinar next week, and you should too—details in this update.

Finally, don’t forget that a new EU excise law amendment will enter into force on 13 February- it is significant as non-duty suspended product movements also potentially have to be notified in excise systems. More in this update.

Week 1/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

Happy New Year 2023!

In the first edition of the new year, readers can download a free-for-all report on the 2nd Brexit anniversary. We also invite you to watch our EU Single Window for Customs webinar. Turning to 2023, we have written a blog on what’s coming up in customs and global trade. 

As regards the legislative changes in this report, much deals with the crossover 2022-2023:  For example, the EU, UK, and US have changed Trade Tariffs, so we need to look at that. Other changes address 2023 EU duty suspensions and GSP changes. Customs in Germany, France and Ireland are changing, too, and there are plenty of new laws; we zoom in on these countries specifically.

Over in the UK, besides looking at the three biggest Brexit lies in Customs, our focus turns to (1) UK export controls, where lots of updates are reported and (2) Northern Ireland, where the conciliatory tone of the newish Irish PM as regards the IE-NI Protocol has gone done well with DUP hardliners. Don’t forget that we are running a 4-hour live UK Customs Update on 26 January 2023. Register here:

The US continues to splash out one OFAC listing and sanctioning after another, with no end in sight. But the recent case about a 4 million USD payment to OFAC of a Danish company operating in Jebel Ali Free Zone, without ever touching US goods or soil, caught my attention – and it should catch yours too. This is a perfect example of the extraterritorial nature of US law.

There are many supportive documents, reports and new laws for you to review, so I recommend you take your time with this update. If you are   Again, all the best for the new year!

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