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Visiting our website and this page means you get to download the free version of this update every week – just to say thank you for visiting us. You also get an archive of the previous version. However, it is worth noting that this version does not include live links or supportive documents. The free version also contains ads to cover the cost of the work.

Previous Editions - Trade Intelligence: List

Week 20-2023

Customs & Global Trade Intelligence, No. 19

Download the Table of Content and the Highlights of this edition. To receive the free, complete version, sign up at

Week 19-2023

Customs & Global Trade Intelligence Update No. 18

Two Brand New UK Trade Agreements To Enter Into Force. Are You Prepared?

The UK-Australia FTA and the UK-New Zealand FTA (both in force from June!) offer essential opportunities to reduce customs duty in the trade between the three nations if the complex Rules of Origin (RoO) can be mastered. Time we provided a “Rules of Origin” Buster – unlocking the RoO requirements of the UK-AU FTA with simple YES – NO questions.

With our guide (attached) in a few minutes, you can self-assess if your business

  • Meets the product-specific Rules of Origin under the UK-AU FTA

  • Meet the documentation requirements for Rules of Origin

  • Check the transportation condition.

Save yourself a lot of time in a fun way and try the guide right away. You may be surprised how simple Rules of Origin determination can be.

The UK has planned to scrap 4000+ EU retained laws under the “Bonfire Bill” by the end of the year. They now realise the error of their ways and will go away with only 600. Which ones and how does this affect imports and exporters? Is retaining EU law beneficial for the UK? We look at the pros and cons in a briefing document that you can download here.

Finally, last week's webinar on advancing the Single Window was a great success. I published a detailed debrief on our cost-savings blog on business requirements to make the Single Trade Window a success for importers and exporters. Take a look and then download the slides.

Week 18-2023

Customs and Global Trade Intelligence Update No. 17

This week we are excited to join the “UNESCAP-UNECE-ICC-WCO-ADB Webinar on Advancing Single Window Development: latest trends and implications”  Join us, too and register here:

Eyes are moving East – to Lithuania, to be exact. On 25-26 May, the capital Vilnius will host the European Customs Practitioner Conference, and you are invited to join. I have the pleasure of speaking about a critical topic: Quo Vadis: Green Customs?

I will overview current thinking and projects on Green Customs and, using HS customs classification as an example will explain how firms must implement circular economy models and low-carbon operations to ensure trade facilitation, low customs costs, speedy border clearance and supply chain velocity in the future.

You can download the programme here:

Over in the UK, a new campaign has been launched to get us all ready to use CDS for exports has kicked off.

So, we

But note that most export declarants – including those that use inventory-linked locations – will not be able to submit declarations through CDS until September, when CDS functionality for all remaining routes becomes available.

All the relevant EU, UK and US updates are in this packed update, too.

Week 17-2023

Customs & Global Trade Intelligence Update

You may have heard about customs’ single-window projects in the EU or UK. Time we talked about it.

The UN and others are organising a free-to-attend webinar on May 10 2023, to allow us to learn more about the fundamentals of these single-window advances. I am pleased to offer a business view from Europe during the webinar. Please join. It is free to participate, and you can register here if you or your members wish to participate.

The UK has published the new Risk Categories for SPS goods to enact biosecurity and veterinary border controls.  Also, new straightforward certificates have been issued. Download our 13+ page guide.

Last week, the EU adopted a significant climate and environmental protection package that will change all our lives – business and private. From CBAM to Emission Trading, we break it down in this edition.

Have you heard about the U.S. candidate for WCO Secretary General, Mr Ian Saunders? Please read his interview and learn about his motives and ideas for WCO reform in this edition. Plus, ACE modernisation efforts move more ahead with the reform timetable publication.

Many businesses still wonder about the difference between a standard and international, a Pro-forma and a customs invoice. We have a report for you on this crucial business topic.

Tomorrow, I am honoured to be speaking at a conference on Freeports and the great opportunities that may await UK businesses and ports. Have you explored the benefits of UK Freeports? I’ll provide a report for next week.

Week 16-2023

Customs & Global Trade Intelligence Update

The transformation of the European economy towards a low-carbon future took a massive step last week with the agreement on CBAM – and every trade professional must know about this – so check out this edition for details.

Next, the Windsor Agreement implementation made massive steps forward: The EU published the EU-UK Joint Council Agreement on changes to the Protocol under the Windsor Agreement, and I have prepared not one but TWO briefings which explain all the differences in easy-to-understand words.

Finally, our five webinars on the UK TOM were a great success, and we covered Biosecurity, SPS Controls & Veterinary Certificates, Wednesday, 19.04.2023, Safety & Security Declarations, the UK Single Trade Window and had a talk about the UK’s ambition to create “The Most Effective Border in the World.”

As you have come to expect, find below updates from the EU, UK and the UK on customs and global trade changes that occurred over the last week.

Week 15-2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

I am excited to invite you to my five-part YouTube Series on the new UK Target Border Operating Model. There will be a live premiere every morning starting today for the next five days:

  • Monday, 17.04.2023 Introduction, Summary, Timeline & Questions

  • Tuesday, 18.04.2023 Biosecurity, SPS Controls & Veterinary Certificates

  • Wednesday, 19.04.2023 Safety & Security Declarations 

  • Thursday, 20.04.2023 UK Single Trade Window

  • Friday, 21.04.2023 The Most Effective Border in the World

The easy way to understand what the 99-page document says!

Live Premieres at 9 am BST/GMT and 10 am CET are available afterwards for On-Demand viewing on YouTube: So visit our YouTube channel and subscribe; you will not miss any new videos.

We also have two bonus e-books for you:

  • E-Book: 'Due diligence when making customs declarations'.

  • NCTS 5 Briefing: What is it, what changes, and what should you do?

As you have come to expect, find below updates from the EU, UK and the UK on customs and global trade changes that occurred over the last two weeks.

Week 14-2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

No Update - Easter Break


Week 13/2023

Customs & Global Trade Intelligence

You asked for it; we make it happen. We invite you to our new weekly prime networking virtual event for customs and global trade professionals, importers, exporters, brokers, agents, and their advisors on Tuesdays, 11 am to 12 pm BST / 12 pm-1 pm CET, to get questions answered, build a network and discuss whatever is on your mind, for example, this week’s law a guidance review. No agenda, no presentations, just an opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. Free for all. To get the Zoom link, register at

In more good news, we added two new training programmes to our busy schedule: “Customs Compliance Assurance” and “Entry of Goods. Export & Exit of Goods”. Find out more and how to book on the same link as above.

In regulator news, the UK has concluded talks to join the Indio-Asia Trade Pact CPTPP. The headlines centred around the estimated “0.08% of UK GDP” growth, resulting in smiles and surprised faces. But, undeterred,  we have created a detailed dossier with detailed reports, analysis, templates, guides and legal texts – including a deep dive into rules of origin – so that trade professionals can be ready to take advantage when the deal goes live.

We also addressed fascinating questions on import VAT in the case of subcontracting for a company established outside your customs territory. We provide a detailed paper on this – given the high importance for many businesses trading with the EU and UK.

Also, the 4th edition of the Customs Show is out!  We spoke with Anna Cavazzini, MEP, who chairs the Parliament's Influential Internal Market Committee and discovered the issues they want to be addressed in the reform package!

Our training course on prohibitions and restrictions is on the 6th, and Customs Classification is on the 10th. We would love to see you there. Book at -> Events

We are going on an extended Easter Hunt next week, so there will be no publication on 10 April (but the networking call is on the 11th). We will be back on 17 April 2023.

Week 12-2023

Customs & Global Trade Intelligence

We know YOU know what customs compliance is, and you understand how it affects your business. But what if your senior leadership does not seem to care?  We have launched a quick 6 minutes video, providing the top 3 reasons why import & export businesses need to care about Customs compliance! You can even share this with your colleagues and bosses – so they finally get it and support it. We also have a blog entry for you on the subject.

What about the updates this week?

In Customs, the EU and the UK are developing or implementing Advanced Valuation Rulings (AVR) or Binding Valuation Decisions (BVD – as known in the EU). Contrary to popular belief, the Customs Value does not have to be the invoice price. Customs Value determination can be one of the more complicated elements of customs compliance, and it can be pretty trickprettyget to correct value ue for customs purposes. So, the Advance Valuation Rulings provide legal certainty on the valuation method of goods you import into a country for three years.  As always, we can help you determine that your valuation method is correct, and we will apply for AVR/BVDs for you.

Have you got questions on Customs Valuation? Want to find out more about AVRs and BVDs? Then, why not book our Customs Value Training slot in April?

Or visit:

Three critical changes made the news in the UK last week: The Windsor Framework passed the Houses of Parliament Vote (and the EU Council) – we watched the debate in the Commons and summarised it (so you don’t have to 😊).

The significant changes in the UK alcohol reform are next. We dedicate a 10+ page summary paper and give you ten tips on how to prepare for these.

Thirdly, many are asking: Will the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) lose its independence? The Spring Budget Reform seems to indicate nothing less…we look at

We also cover the EU and US changes in customs, global trade, export controls and sanctions. A packed edition, as you can see.

Please leave us some feedback on how we are doing at You could win Amazon vouchers every month 😊

Week 11/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

This week, we have three major highlights for you:

1. Harley Davidson vs The EU Commission belongs to the mandatory reading list of every customs and global trade professional -> download our summary and explainer.

2. The UK announced sweeping customs simplifications in this week’s Spring Budget. We summarised your critical initiatives – freedom to simplify due to Brexit!?!

3.  A briefing for Download: We share our top 5 tips to consider fighting US Section 301 Tariffs legally

As regards update, in the EU, we must increasingly look beyond customs and into green and sustainability issues. For example, this week, the EU Critical Raw Material Act was presented (we have a detailed briefing in this edition of the Update), affecting EU trade agreements and resulting in import /export shifts. In parallel, the EU's Net Zero Industry Act was presented, which aims to scale up the EU manufacture of critical carbon neutral or “net-zero” technologies to ensure secure, sustainable and competitive supply chains for clean energy because of reaching the EU's climate and energy ambitions. Again, this will change our import and export needs, impacting customs professionals. So, please read all about it here.

As regards the UK, besides the Spring Budget, the key focus is on the new - Advance Valuation Rulings - written decisions made by customs authorities at the request of a trader that is legally binding on both parties. They are trade facilitation and are not mandatory. They will provide particular traders’ requests to arrive at the customs value for their goods.  The customs value impacts the amount of duty that may be due.

A lot is going on in the US as well, from a new Forced Labor CBP Dashboard that offers transparency to penalties on “Made In USA” disqualifications, the US-EU strategic mineral trade talks, a recent study by ITC on Section 232 tariffs and Section 301 tariffs, an ITC changes USMCA Trade Remedies Rules and the “Made in China 2025” Industrial Policies: Issues for the US Congress Report.

Week 10/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

What we covered in this edition:  We are still considering the Windsor Framework for Northern Ireland in this edition and looking at new explainer guides for different sectors. For example, download guides for food retailers, moving goods from NI to GB, moving goods from GB to NI, trading human medicines, parcels, pets, plants and more.

The UK is introducing its own ETA from 2024 and has updated several customs guidance documents, so worthwhile checking this out!

Germany and Ireland are reporting IT and manual changes, and the EU is amended its risk regions to keep bird flu and ASF in check.

The US CBP has issued a New Trade News Snapshot Edition 05-2023 and FAQ on Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) Region Alert enhancement in ACE, among other updates.

Week 09/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

Last Friday, 3 March, many nations called on each other to halt and reverse the loss of nature and protect at least 30% of the world's oceans by 2030. World Wildlife Day (WWD) reminds countries to collaborate, elevate ambition, and move quickly to conserve and restore the environment on land and water. 2023 is also the celebration of the 50-year-old CITES treaty. We offer training in CITES, the critical instrument to halt the illegal trade of endangered species. We offer a 50% reduction for any bookings made until 12 March 2023 (now extended). All proceeds are donated to species conservation. Book here

A day later saw an essential breakthrough that many in customs and global trade could miss, but which may end us leading to new HS codes and import restrictions: the deal to rescue and protect our oceans – the UNCLOS High Treaty – a significant achievement. We look at this in this update.

Next week, there is a FREE WEBINAR TOMORROW: Got a question about the Windsor Framework – the new deal for Northern Ireland? Join us tomorrow at 10 am (GMT) or 11 am (CET) for a free webinar on the flow of goods. It is not too late to register here. We dedicate much space to the Agreement in this update and show the EU and UK responses, plus many documents to download.

On Wednesday, in honour of International Women's Day on 8 March 2023, we invite you to join us to watch our live Premiere of two interviews with female leaders in customs trade documentation and customs consultancy:

1) 10 am GMT / 11 am CET: Listen to Mrs Nickie Dalton, the Head of Trade Documentation and Services at the London Chamber of Commerce, on the role of women in leadership when it comes to overseeing the issuance of ATA Carnets, Consular Documentation and Customs declaration entries, and the Trade Services department. Click here to be notified of when it launches.

2) 2 pm GMT / 3 pm CET: Listen to Mrs Rachel Stockton, CEO of CIE Services Ltd, on how women can successfully work in large and complex enterprises and what it's like to run your own customs consultancy as a woman. Tune in by clicking on this link.

As regards the rest, you will be fully updated with the most recent customs processes and procedures (including AEO), trade agreements, biosecurity and veterinary border controls, indirect taxes (customs duty, excise, import VAT/GST), export controls, fines, KYC and due diligence, and other topics of interest. The United States of America, the United Kingdom (with a particular focus on Northern Ireland), and the European Union are the three regions whose news we cover, together with a selection of their respective member states. In addition, get familiar with the latest events throughout the globe and the organisations such as the WCO and the WTO.

Week 08/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

This update was delayed a day for a good cause. We wanted to incorporate information on the UK-EU Northern Ireland talks breakthrough. We examine the "new Windsor framework" Northern Ireland Protocol arrangement between Britain and the EU. Prime Minister Sunak called the new pact a "decisive breakthrough" during a Windsor news conference. Sunak said the arrangement reached would provide a "smooth flow of commerce" inside the UK and a "green lane" for UK exports to Northern Ireland and a "red lane" for exports to the Republic of Ireland and the EU. The prime minister said today's accord would preserve Northern Ireland's role in the UK. Let’s examine.

Last week, no surprise, much of our attention was focused on the first anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. We focus on the sanctions that the EU, UK and the US have imposed, and there are many – We dedicate the first 20 pages of the report to compare and contrast these measures across the three jurisdictions – as they have far-reaching consequences for all of us.

Did you see our new sanctions training offer? You can book our new customs & global trade training here:

A key feature of the update – we are proud of is the SPECIAL REPORT on Mandatory EU supply chain due diligence obligations – What Customs & Global Trade Professionals Need To Know. You may find this an interesting report to read (as a FULL subscriber).

Finally, the third edition of the Customs Show is out: In this must-watch edition of The Customs Show, Arne Mielken spoke with Walter van der Mieren, UPS' Director of Customs Compliance, about the critical eCustoms systems going live in 2023, which everyone involved in customs must be aware of!

You can also keep up with what we're doing on Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

Week 07/2023

Customs and Global Trade Update

 In EU updates, let's discover the new EU-NZ FTA deal. The EU is also targeting third-country companies that help Russia circumvent EU sanctions in the EU's 10th Sanctions Package. DG TAXUD on Twitter confirmed that ICS 2, Phase 2, is going ahead. Also, the EU is continuing their internal reform efforts. Therefore, ensure you fully understand the EU Green industrial plan. The latest VAT GAP report of the EU – the VAT gap is as big as the entire GDP of Slovakia. So, be sure that the EU will push ahead with reforms.

Over in the UK, all eyes are back on Northern Ireland. Will a deal finally be reached? You can download a 10-page explainer on Northern Ireland, which makes you look very knowledgeable to your boss and colleagues when the deal is finally announced. You're welcome! Besides that, the UK was quiet – no noticeable customs or CDS changes. Can you believe that?

This week, there is much activity in US customs, not in OFAC or BIS. Nevertheless, we provide you with CBP's weekly Customs Bulletin and inform you about the expanded partnership to secure e-commerce supply chains. In addition, there are some important events with NCSD February-March 2023 Webinars, the Green and the Forced Labor Technical Expo.

Week 6/2023

Customs and Global Trade Update

This week, the European Union will make significant changes to its laws. We outline the new excise legislation and provide links to a synopsis, the law itself, and other relevant resources; the legislation is currently in effect and is digitising EMCS operations by introducing new trader concepts and mandating notifications even when excise items are delivered duty paid.

On Thursday, the European Union (EU) will impose new regulations on the import of food. Importing into the EU may need certifications and in-house testing if you are concerned about SPS products.

Phase 2 of ICS 2 will start on 1 March. So we ask: May ICS 2 may be postponed? Let’s analyse what’s going on and where we are.

All three modifications apply to Northern Ireland without exception. Speaking of Northern Ireland, we look at the latest ongoing talks between the European Union and the United Kingdom. There are also around 15 ADD and CVD prevention fact sheets published in the UK that we needed to look at. All 16 papers are available to FULL subscribers of this update. Did you know that the United Kingdom and the Italian government just signed a landmark deal to work together on economic matters? Let’s check it out

We also analyse the worries of American lawmakers regarding potential Mexican and Canadian USMCA violations. However, the latest OFAC designations speak even louder volumes. We cover these and other related subjects.

Week 5/2023

Customs and Global Trade Update

What This Is All About

​Read our weekly update to gain an understanding of the most recent customs processes and procedures (including AEO), trade agreements, biosecurity, and veterinary border controls, indirect taxes (customs duty, excise, import VAT/GST), export controls, fines, KYC and due diligence, and other topics of interest. The United States of America, the United Kingdom (with a special focus on Northern Ireland), and the European Union are the three regions whose news we cover. Get familiar with the latest events taking place throughout the globe and the organizations such as the WCO and the WTO.

I am delighted to send you for download the Read-Only Version of Week 5, 2023. Customs and Global Trade Update. This version has no active links or supportive documents – but it is free of charge, so that's a fair deal, don’t you think?

What We Cover This Week

This year marks the third anniversary of Brexit, so let's take a look back at some of the coverage it's had over the last few years in the media and on social media. Does today's timetable allow for Brexit to go place?

The European Union (EU) has released the EU Maritime Single Window's technical data components. We go down the latest changes to the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), including the updated FTA State of Play and revised rules of origin.

Did you know that in 2023 Germany will be implementing new or revised Customs IT systems as part of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act? Learn about the latest ATLAS 10.1.1 (export/AES) update, the new ID system, the Customs Portal, and ICS2 Release 2. Remember that in just a few weeks we will be entering Phase 2 of ICS.

The updated HMRC transit guidelines were much-needed enhancements in the United Kingdom. Together with the introduction of NCTS 5, this will represent a major transition. So, how exactly do you plan to prepare for it?

Did you hear about the new program in the United States designed to expand export opportunities for small enterprises there?

Week 4/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

International Customs Day comes around once a year, and we dedicate the first part of this update to exploring the theme of this year. We also ask provocatively, does the WCO still matter in 2023? And: What is in it for businesses?

As regards the customs & global trade updates, there a quite a few minutes and agendas of EU customs meetings to go through, as well as an insightful read of the EU non-paper on the customs formalities on the return of e-commerce goods and a new study: After Brexit, what will happen to UK trade? If you are dealing with agri-foods, the Newcastle and the rare Aujeszky disease outbreaks in the EU may affect biosecurity import and export veterinary controls. And those in alcohol, tobacco, energy etc., will find the  EU Excise IT project and law reform minutes of a 2022 helpful meeting. On the export control front, why not take part in the EU stakeholder consultation on how data on export restrictions is collected?

Over to the UK, thanks to everyone so much for attending the “UK Customs Update 2023”. The feedback has been super positive, and we look forward to engaging with you soon on more updates. In the news, the Accounting Officer validated and approved the UK Single Trade Window Programme evaluation. We have received updates on the Retained EU Law Bill and technical CDS changes. Learn about the five priorities of the UK trade secretary and download our complete guide on how to import agri-food goods into the EU. The UK also has an export control consultation: What new name for LITE? On Sanctions, read a report on the effectiveness of UK sanctions on Russia.

The US formally nominated their US WCO Secretary General candidate, Updated the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) and signed a new Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the next start date of our Diploma in Customs Competences will be 1 April 2022. It is the only program developing essential customs competencies for all levels, from beginners to managers, senior managers/directors, and customs experts. It is truly unique, and we are very proud of it. To find out more and order our prospectus, email or visit:

Week 03/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

We look back at a big week. The World Economic Forum in Davos gave important indications of our leaders' global economic trade priorities – the US Inflation Reduction Act still rubbed Europeans the wrong way. We also get a crucial outlook on EU priorities to turn Europe carbon neutral – a must-read if you want to know what’s in store.

We applaud HMRC for publishing extensive new guidance on transit – this is much appreciated. We have consolidated all this further support in a single document. Make good use of the 30+ pages transit guide; arguably, they can serve as a blueprint for a business’ transit policy. Another guide for download answers, “Exporting out Great Britain using CDS and GVMS – How to do it?” I hope it will save you time and improve compliance.

The EU Member States were busy themselves: France and Spain signed a new cooperation pact and Irelands Revenue Authority, and I talked to 150+ businesses on the new export customs declaration system in a webinar, which goes live – now- in Spring this year. Download slides and watch my 30+ minute YouTube video on AES. Join our training on AES this Tuesday – book through the Irish Exporter Association.

Over to the US, why not join the free webinars on Forced Labor? We have a new blog entry on this, too.

Week 2/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

Last week, on LinkedIn, I asked you to send me your UK-related customs questions. Thank you for the many questions! Read the responses in this update! The UK takes centre stage over the next two weeks as we prepare for the 2023 UK Customs Update. Learn about the latest customs and global trade changes in a four-hour online training. Topics to discuss include UK Trade Tariff Changes 2023, UK Customs & Trade Legislation after Brexit: Acts, Statutory Instruments, Notice etc., Navigating Gov.UK to find your way around customs laws and legislation, CDS - How to lodge customs declarations in the UK + workarounds, the New Border Operating Model, Single Trade Window and Ecosystem of Trust, an update on UK Free Trade Agreements and trade with Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Protocol. This online event is great on the 26th and is excellent for anyone importing into or exporting from the UK. This is particularly true for customs managers, trade professionals, logistics and warehouse managers, freight forwarders, agents, consultants, advisors and lawyers who wish to understand UK customs law and legislation impact daily operations. Get your ticket on

Speaking of the UK, this update includes details of HMRC’s guidance for traders affected by the CDS overcharge problem at the end of the year. Excellent news for Liverpool, Felixstowe and Harwich, being approved as Free Ports. We explain what it means and why UK freeports are in a better position than EU freeports. We also comment on the new Plant Biosecurity Strategy and summarise the response of the UK Government to the questions by the UK Parliament’s Export Control Committee.

Speaking of Export Controls, the EU has released its 2023 Dual Use List amendments and will explain what changed. Then, we turn our focus back to EU customs and implement the UCC e-customs systems. After the Netherlands and France, Ireland comes into focus: The Irish UCC Automated Export System (AES) will go live on 30 January 2023 and Irish, and EU businesses need to learn about it. This is also relevant for UK traders, who will start with CDS exports later in the year. I will join a free-for-all webinar next week, and you should too—details in this update.

Finally, don’t forget that a new EU excise law amendment will enter into force on 13 February- it is significant as non-duty suspended product movements also potentially have to be notified in excise systems. More in this update.

Week 1/2023

Customs & Global Trade Update

Happy New Year 2023!

In the first edition of the new year, readers can download a free-for-all report on the 2nd Brexit anniversary. We also invite you to watch our EU Single Window for Customs webinar. Turning to 2023, we have written a blog on what’s coming up in customs and global trade. 

As regards the legislative changes in this report, much deals with the crossover 2022-2023:  For example, the EU, UK, and US have changed Trade Tariffs, so we need to look at that. Other changes address 2023 EU duty suspensions and GSP changes. Customs in Germany, France and Ireland are changing, too, and there are plenty of new laws; we zoom in on these countries specifically.

Over in the UK, besides looking at the three biggest Brexit lies in Customs, our focus turns to (1) UK export controls, where lots of updates are reported and (2) Northern Ireland, where the conciliatory tone of the newish Irish PM as regards the IE-NI Protocol has gone done well with DUP hardliners. Don’t forget that we are running a 4-hour live UK Customs Update on 26 January 2023. Register here:

The US continues to splash out one OFAC listing and sanctioning after another, with no end in sight. But the recent case about a 4 million USD payment to OFAC of a Danish company operating in Jebel Ali Free Zone, without ever touching US goods or soil, caught my attention – and it should catch yours too. This is a perfect example of the extraterritorial nature of US law.

There are many supportive documents, reports and new laws for you to review, so I recommend you take your time with this update. If you are   Again, all the best for the new year!


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