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Trade Intelligence

Never Miss An Important Update. We Will Tell You When it Changes, Why it Changes and What To Do About It. Wherever You Are and Wherever you Want To Go

Customs and Global Trade Law changes all the time. How do you stay abreast with all the changes in your many export and import markets? Now You Can.

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Save Time. Don't Miss Anything Important.

We Monitor the Law and Guidance Changes of Your Chosen Jurisdiction

....which means you don't have to.

We review official publications, statutes, and gazettes, check websites, and subscribe to all relevant newsletters on your behalf. Then we consolidate the aspects that are important to you, explain them more when relevant and appropriate, and give you the needed update, which fits perfectly into your timetable.

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How It Works

Make Your Choices, Amend Anytime

Tell us what we should monitor for you and we will update as often as you like, bespoke to your needs and preferences. This way you only get information that matters to you.

Everyone starts with the base model, which has four components: 

Client 1


Select 1x Country or Region

Examples: USA, China, EU, UK, Germany, Ireland etc.

Client 7


Select 1x Topic

Example: Customs, Export Controls, Trade Agreements etc.

Client 8


Select 1x Language

Example: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic etc.

Client 2


How often would you like to hear from us

Examples: Weekly, Monthly, Daily (additional fee)

Upon signing up, you will be asked to you will be asked to complete a form with preferences. This ensures that we personalise the update for you.

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Add More Trade Intelligence

Simply add additional jurisdictions, topics, and languages. Make any changes you want and any time. Just send us a quick message.

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30 Days Free Trial

No Commitment, No Automatic Renewal

Try Us for Free. If convinced, stay for the price of a coffee a day. Payment options available.

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The basic module costs 1 GBP (about US$1/€1) per day. Each addition is charged at 50 p (about US$0.50/€0.50). We offer monthly plans that you can cancel every time or annual plans which come with a 10% discount.

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Make Your Choices

Once subscribed, we will ask you to complete this form.

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