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Export Controls

Our Approach To Training

About our export control training programme

Based on U.S: BIS & EU export control authorities recommendations

A good export controls training program is important for a successful compliance program. Employees are often distracted with day-to-day tasks and devote little attention to export compliance. We have  developed a suite of export compliance programs that will gain their attention and cooperation, and we can tailor it to meet your company's ongoing training curriculum needs.

Our training programs are designed with both the U.S. BIS and the European Union's export control agencies and their respective ECP/ICS programmes in mind.

What's it like

Elements of our export control training programme

Our training program is designed to meet the characteristics:

  • raises awareness of export controls, it's rules and regulations

  • it provides job-role-specific information based on most company's needs;

  • it communicates export control responsibilities to your employees;

  • and it holds workers responsible for export training via tests, examls and evaluations.

Competence Levels

Employees should obtain varying levels of export control training based on the information and abilities required to execute their jobs. We help design it.

Our training methodology develops three levels of competence:

  1. AWARENESS - GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: We teach export control fundamentals. In general, this is offered to all personnel, and those with little or no export experience get periodic refresher training.

  2. TRAINED The next level, jobs with export responsibilities, might include individuals with technical or engineering credentials who have access to the organization's regulated technology, as well as shipping and receiving people, human resources, and sales professionals, among others.

  3. EXPERIENCED. The Export Compliance Team would consist of the export compliance manager and his or her supporting employees. Clearly, the training for this group must be highly comprehensive and encompass not just the organization's export compliance procedures, but also training on all export control legislation that may have an influence on the organization's export operations. This course may need instruction on the import and export regulatory requirements of other nations.

Level 1 & 2

  • Definition of terms (export, re-export, deemed export, De minimis, technology and software transfer etc)

  • Exports' authorization procedure

  • Violations

  • License conditions and exceptions

  • Red Flags

  • Security considerations

  • Company-specific issues (if bespoke)

  • End-uses of the firm's products (if bespoke)

  • Person responsible for export compliance

  • Consequences for breaches

  • Motivating factors for prevention and resolution

Level 3

  • Specific organization compliance processes, requirements, and responsibilities

  • Export regulations from all impacting agencies (EAR, ITAR, FTR, OFAC)

  • Overview including any updates since the last training

  • Anti-boycott

  • Deemed Exports and technology releases

  • Screening parties

  • Company-specific diversion risks (if bespoke)

  • Documentation requirements

  • Case studies

Get Your Training Done!

We design and run your training programme - every year

From creating insightful general awareness training videos bespoke to your company to designing a full annual export control program, and then running it, we can help you create an export control training programme based on stringent U.S. and EU recommendations.

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