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Expert Customs Declarations Filing

Efficient UK Customs Clearance with built-in Compliance Check

Find out why, when compliance and speed matter to you when filing customs declarations into UK systems,  Customs Manager Ltd. should be your preferred choice of customs agent.

No Bot Zone

We love Technology. But when it comes to Your Compliance, we prefer to to be Hands-On.

Technology is the answer for mass customs declaration filings, we get it. And while we are all for technological innovation, when we file for you, you will get a dedicated and experienced customs expert to file for you, accredited and certified in customs clearance. A person you can speak to and a contact you will discuss your requirements with you.

Experts At Work

We do not employ customs entry clerks with little to no experience. Working with us means that your customs declarations are filed by an accredited CDS expert/specialist. This will ensure speedy yet compliant customs declaration processing, The expert working for you will also be reporting to you during regular compliance calls.

When You Care About Who Files Customs Declarations for You

Extensive Take On Procedure

We onboard our clients with a multistep process to ensure we are a good match

Contrary to many, we see customs filing foremost from a compliance angle. We want to get it right from the get-go for you. We believe that good preparation and getting to know your clients is a fundamental step to achieving that. 

So we invite future clients to join us on a take on a multi-step journey, so we can get to know your products, operations, documents, data, ports of clearance and trading partners. We will analyse your trade data and carry out test filings before your engagement with us. 

We carry out multiple checks before and after the filing.

Focus on Compliance

When you engage with us, you receive additional compliance verification services included in the price of the filing. This means that we automatically analyse your trade data for compliance challenges and discuss actions we can undertake to rectify any issues arising. The results are compliant with customs filing, and the good feeling is that what you are submitting to HMRC has been checked and is correct.

Our Services

We are Your Professional Customs Clearance Broker

Imports, Exports & Transit

Filing 4 U

We can customs clear your imports, exports, and transit across all UK ports.


Customs Declaration Service


We use CDS to lodge your declarations


Discounted Fees

Competitive Prices

We offer discounted clearance rates for volume.




We can manage all your IPAFFS pre-notifications and EHC filing requirements. We also advise on the creation of IPAFFS automated solutions

Extraordinary Filing

Special Procedures

We can help you manage customs special procedure filings e.g. customs warehousing, inward & outward processing etc.


No Troubles Here

Northern Ireland

We can help you bring goods into and out of Northern Ireland with ease.


Got None? Use Ours

Deferment Account

You can use our deferment account if you do not have one yourself.


We Help You Instruct Us Right

Expert Support

Because we are experts on how to mangage agents, we can work with you to supply us the correct, complete data and instruct us the right way.


Free Consultation

Schedule A Free Consultation

Help us to help you by scheduling a free consultation with us

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