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Bespoke Expert Advice

No matter if you need strategic advice or a manager for a specific project, we offer you access to a dedicated customs advisor, global trade expert and import export consultant to work with you to tackle your challenges and support your objectives. Personal, bespoke and always with your business in mind. 

Arrange a complementary call with your global trade & customs consultant UK and EU today to evaluate how we can best support you.

Two Men at a Meeting

Why get a Customs Advisor?

  • Save millions through efficient use of available Trade Agreements 

  • Simplify border clearance and reduce risk of errors by 95% 

  • Save time & money and improve supply chain speed and agility by getting necessary authorizations, licences, permits to trade globally.

  • Strategic advice to c-suite executives to plan efficient, effective and compliant global supply chains.

Planning Meeting

Why get an export controls consultant?

  • Reduce risk

  • Avoid fines and jail time

  • Cut costs

  • Fast, efficient licence applications 

  • Training in EU, US, UK and Chinese export controls

  • Design Internation Compliance programs with ease

  • Avoid reputational damage

  • Best practives processes and procedures

What We Can Do For You

Pay The Correct Duty

Customs Classification

We help ensure you find the correct commodity or HS code for your goods.

Tell A Coherent Trade Story

Customs Declarations

We help you to get all the information for correct and complete import, export and transit declarations.

Save Money

Customs Duty Relief

We get you authorisation for special customs procedures that save you money.

Compliant Exporting

Export Controls

 All aspects of EU, US, Chinese and U.S. Dual Use and Military Items controls. 

Get Simplifications & Licences


Applications, Permits, Certificates: We apply for you and manage the entire process.

Get your  Export Health Certificates

Veterinary Certificates

For products of animal origin, composite products or animal by products, plants and high-risk foods

A Trusted Trader


Helping companies become certified as Authorised Economic Operator.

Save Millions

Rules Of Origin

We help you save millions with full use of the Rules of Origin in Free Trade Agreements.

Meet Laws

Compliance Audit

We carry out gap analyses and offer practical recommendations for customs compliance


Here we introduce a list of your most frequently asked questions and helpful answers. If you cannot find your question answered, please ask it in the chat.

How do we get started?

First, let's get to know each other with a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to help you.  Next, we will lay out our understanding of your needs and make a proposal on how we can best support you. This will include a quote based on level of effort required.

Will be sign a contract?

Yes, we will sign a contract of consultancy before starting any engagement.

Will we have full transparency?

Absolutely. We will provide for a quote based on the level of effort required and this will strictly limit the time available to support you. We operate a timesheet system so you can see where we are and how far we are in the project. We guarantee that we will not charge more than we agreed in the contract, ever!

Do you offer discounts on your fees?

In fact we do, for our Members. The level of discount depends on the membership you take out, but can be as high as a whooping 50% off. So, we recommend that before engaging us, you consider taking out a membership to reduce the consulting fee

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