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FAQ - Training

Helpful Information For all Courses

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How will the Live! Trainings be delivered?

We use Zoom to deliver Live! Trainings virtually. This allows you to join us from anywhere in the world. Please let us know if you'd prefer a different method (e.g., Teams) or would like a face-to. face meeting, and we can consider that, too.

Can a date and time be agreed, or are these pre-set?

You can set time, venue and date with our in-house trainings. They are specific to your needs. Public LIVE! trainings have fixed dates and times. Don't worry though. These run every month, so pick the time and date that suit you.

Is there a minimum number of participants for the public courses to run?

Yes, indeed. For courses to run, we need at least five participants. If, after your booking, this number is not reached, we will write you and propose alternative dates or offer a full refund.

Is the price per person or per session?

We indicate the price per participant. If you have multiple students join us, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Are courses limited to one country or jurisdiction?

No, our courses are specifically designed to be useful for any jurisdiction and designed on WTO and WCO principles. So, from Seattle to Cape Town, from Oslo to Shanghai, you will find rules that apply in your jurisdiction. We may take examples from specific areas and will engage with our audience on their preference.

What is the timing of the training ?

Please refer to the timings and dates for public courses on the dedicated Booking website.

What kind of certificate do we get upon completion?

All participants receive a "Certificate of Participation" detailing the course, date, and the student's name, signed by the course tutor. Those that successfully complete an "exam", will receive a "Certificate of Completion". All certificates are issued electronically and by Customs Manager Ltd.

Is there a possibility to reduce the cost?

Yes. We are pleased to offer group discounts. Moreover, we offer subscribers to our "Trade Intelligence Service" an immediate 10% discount on all trainings and other services. Finally, we may be able to take your situation into account. Please contact us for details.

Please reach out if their question wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided.

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