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Customs Compliance: What are the three most important pieces of advice you can give?

In this blog article, I'll discuss three measures you may take, why import and export firms should be worried about customs compliance and the benefits of doing so for your business.

This may matter, in particular, if you ever discussed these questions:

  • Do you understand customs compliance and how it applies to your business?

  • Do you find it challenging to consider issues related to customs compliance?

  • Are you feeling the effects of increased tariff prices? What are the consequences of breaching the law in customs? Are there any delays?


Watch Arne explain the top three reasons why imports and exporters need to care about customs compliance

The good news: With Customs Manager Ltd by your side, you have nothing to worry about.

The following list includes the top 3 steps you may take to avoid problems like these:

1. Before anything else, your company has to be informed of the rules set by customs. Businesses must keep track of changes to the customs regulations of the country they are in, such as the EU, the UK, or the United States, to ensure they are following the many rules and laws that regulate imports or exports. Compliance must be a top priority for everyone at the organisation, including the CEO and those who work in shipping and receiving. The team does not contain a "I."

2. Verify that you understand how your current behaviour affects your ability to abide by customs laws. These processes and controls need to be modified to be in compliance with the prevailing laws and rules. But keep in mind that although changing your company's practises and abiding by laws and regulations may make it harder to do business as usual, they may also be critical and essential. Talk them over with your coworkers who are the most educated about them before you put these changes into place. Always keep in mind that maintaining compliance is a continual effort that can never be completed. You can also schedule a free expert call with us in two steps and under 30 seconds.

3. Understanding the effects that customs compliance has on your business is crucial. This determines whether a company has a reliable supply network that produces income or a broken supply chain that causes delays and fines.

What benefits may great customs compliance provide?

If you have a firm understanding of the requirements for compliance, you may avoid encountering issues with customs. When there is high compliance, penalties for import and export are less likely to be applied. It would take less time to get your goods into or out of the country. It is less likely that incurring more landing costs than planned will lead to a loss of funds. Your risk rating will be lower overall since you'll present a profile that customs inspectors in the EU, UK, US, or elsewhere are more likely to like.

Best Advice for Last

Finally, keep in mind that there we our experts at Customs Manager know the rules that apply to a wide range of compliance and are good at figuring out what works and what doesn't in different situations.

We can even operate your complete customs department without the need to engage additional people. We have you covered with four distinct possibilities:

  1. Evaluation of Current Procedures for compliance and cost-saving opportunities

  2. Providing on-site & online training on all customs and export control topics

  3. Creating and re-implementing efficient, effective and compliant processes

  4. Leading Customs Teams, advising C Suite Executives.

With our combined 20+ years of experience, we will show you where your company can save costs and enhance operations. Discover more about our customised administration and training.

If you need help with problems related to compliance or want additional information, please contact our customs consulting section as soon as possible by emailing consulting. This is how we do things every day. You can hire us on an hourly basis or for specific projects.

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