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Always In The Know 

The rules governing international trade and customs are constantly evolving. Managers in customs and international trade face similarly weighty daily choices that have far-reaching consequences. With two Membership Options, you access

Taken togheter. you'll know exactly what's happening in the world of customs & global trade and can research topics of your interest 24/7 - 365 days. You can pinpoint the changing customs and international trade laws and policies and explain why. You can brush up your knowledge on all matters of customs and export control.


Law & Policy and Guidance Changes. Essential for Every Customs, Export Control & Sanctions Professional

KnowleDge Hub

365 days 24-7 Access To Expert Customs, Export Controls And Sanctions Explanations, Analysis and More + 1000 articles.

The BEST Updates 

Step By Step

1. Review

We review official publications, statutes, and gazettes, check websites, and subscribe to all relevant newsletters that you also subscribe to.

2. Consolidate and Order

Then we consolidate the news and order them so you can quickly identity what's relevant for you and your business.

3. Summarize

We explain the update in our own words, reducing the dense legal wording and making the information accessible to every reader.

4. Publish

We publish our updates every (most) Monday morning, covering the news of the previous seven days.

Extensive Knowledge Hub

Customs, Export Control & Sanctions 

 Customs Manager's Information Hub is a comprehensive resource designed specifically for businesses engaged in or planning to engage in trade between the EU and Great Britain. Our platform is tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of cross-border trade.

Drawing from an extensive analysis of frequently asked questions and in collaboration with industry experts, our Customs Manager Information Hub offers a user-friendly knowledge base. It covers a wide range of topics crucial to successful trade operations, including customs procedures, VAT regulations, trade regulations, and export controls and sanctions 

Our commitment to ongoing development ensures that the Customs Manager Information Hub remains a dynamic and up-to-date resource. Backed by a dedicated team, we provide reliable assistance to businesses navigating the complexities of cross-border trade. If you want to know more, visit this webpage and leave your email address in the box.


Get Standard or Premium Membership

Customs Manager offers two membership options: Standard and Premium.

  • Standard Membership: This is free and provides you with weekly email updates. These updates highlight key changes in customs regulations and procedures. Some Knowledge Hub Articles are included, but most remain behind a paywall. There are usually no links to direct legislation.

  • Premium Membership: This option comes with a fee but offers more benefits. Premium members get access to exclusive content, including flagship blog-style weekly update magazines like "The Customs Watch" and "Export Control & Sanctions Watch". Additionally, Premium Membership unlocks the Knowledge Hub, which contains over 1000 articles covering various customs-related topics.

So, the choice depends on your needs and how much you wish to be always up-to-date and with access to unparalleled customs knowledge. If you're looking for high-level notifications without details, the Standard Membership might suffice. However, if you want direct access to legal documents, in-depth blog entries and a broader range of resources through the Knowledge Hub, the Premium Membership would be more suitable.

Getting started is easy. Visit the dedicated website and leave your e-mail address in the box.

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