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E-mail and Call Support When Needed

Stuggeling to get a straight answer out of the guidance you are looking at or from officals? Need to understand how the impact of a particular customs or export control issue? Access business support on an as-needed basis. A single point of contact for all of your import, export, and customs-related questions and concerns. Through the use of this service, you will be able to send us an e-mail and call with any inquiries that are not urgent. This will allow us to direct you to the appropriate locations for information, enhance your comprehension of the procedures, or respond to your questions.

Helpline: Welcome

How It Works

Step By Step

1. Email or Call Us

Send us your query by email or phone us.
Describe the difficulty you are experiencing. For instance, you may have queries about last week's Trade Intelligence Update or a legislative change you do not comprehend. Or you face a practical problem on a daily basis and are unsure how to approach it in the most cost-effective and compliance way. You want to determine whether your existing setup is compliant or if a customised customs process may be used. All of these inquiries are best addressed through our hotline.

2. Get A Response in 24-48 hours

Arne Mielken and his team of import, export, and customs professionals will acknowledge and begin working on your email. By not having to hunt for solutions yourself, you may spend more time on value-added work. Arne and crew will know or rapidly discover the problem or challenge you face. Thus, you will get a rapid answer, generally within 24 hours. Use this service for any generic questions or a second perspective on a challenging matter. And if we feel it is useful, we will simply call you - as some things are better discussed on the phone. Try us—you'll like it!

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What You Get

Our service gives you access to a technical advisor who will offer support, lead you to the proper sites for information, answer inquiries, and aid you in gaining a better understanding of customs and global trade processes and procedures.

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How We Are Different

Unlimited Questions

We are not limiting the amount of questions you can ask in a year (subject to fair use policy).

No Levels

We don't offer different levels of support that make it complicated. When we help you, we help you. We make no distinction if the question is simple or complex.

We Don't Look At The Watch

There is no daily or monthly restriction of 15 minutes for answering your queries. No "Top-up" hours or level advancement required.

Multi Lingual

We reply in German, English, French and Spanish.

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Who could benefit from the Helpline?

We believe that customs managers, import and export experts of small and medium-sized businesses, and their advisors, in the EU, US or UK will benefit the most. Brokers, Customs Agents, Fast Parcel Operators, Software Providers, Indirect Tax Advisors and Lawyers will find this Helpline particularly useful. Managers of more extensive and complicated enterprises may also benefit, of course.

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How To Get It

Two Ways To Get Our Helpline Service

Add it as part of your Trade Intelligence FULL subscription and save 50%. Or buy ouright. Annual Plans Only.

For Clients WITH a subscription to our FULL Trade Intelligence Service.


As a subscriber to the FULL Trade Intelligence Customs & Global Trade Service, you can ADD-ON this service and save 50%.

For Clients WITHOUT a subscription to our FULL Trade Intelligence Service


If you are only interested in getting helpline support, please get purchase your annual subscription here.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

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