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How can companies profit from the EU Single Window Environment for Customs?

The Single Window idea was proposed after the introduction of the Customs Union Action Plan in October, with the ambitious goal of unifying and expediting the customs formalities process by establishing a single platform for the transmission of information between all parties concerned (customs authorities, other, non-customs agencies, businesses, traders, brokers, etc.). This blog post examines the purpose of the notion.

Many Non-Customs Criteria

Specifically, the Single Window would check the non-customs criteria for items entering or leaving the EU, and it would enhance cooperation and coordination between multiple authorities. By creating a digital system for electronic data exchange between the authorities, we can assist businesses in streamlining their border formalities through a central gateway in each Member State, therefore saving time and money for all parties concerned.

Single Window Certificate Exchange System for EU Customs (EU CSW-CERTEX)

The EU Commission and the EU Member States will collaborate to develop and maintain EU CSW-CERTEX. At the EU level, it will be digitalized and will address non-custom needs for which all partner agencies provide the essential information for customs clearance. In particular, the first scope of EU CSW-CERTEX includes sanitary and phytosanitary rules, legislation controlling the import of organic goods, some environmental standards, and import processes for cultural objects.

Customs Administrations with a Single Point of Contact at the National Level

The Single Window may eventually hope to replace the multitude of portals used by the different border inspection agencies and promote consistency in the implementation of EU non-customs regulatory norms. Customs authorities will be able to verify these criteria automatically under national single window settings, and partner competent authorities will be able to monitor the number of approved items based on their release from customs. This implies that law firms will just have to deal with a single entry point to complete all border formalities. As a consequence, customs personnel will be better equipped to collaborate in terms of data processing, sharing, and exchange, as well as risk assessment.

What Benefits does the Single Window provide Businesses?

As a consequence of the simplified exchange of information between customs and partner competent agencies, the strategy predicts considerable efficiency gains and time savings during the clearing of items. Specifically, economic operators will benefit from the removal of the need to physically provide supporting documents for customs clearance, as a result of the direct computerised exchange between authorities. In addition, customs authorities will often be able to review additional documents automatically, reducing the time and money that economic operators must devote to recording procedures. Due to the constant availability of the automated service for validating supporting documents, ordinary cases may be handled and closed at the client's convenience. The centralised site would expedite the fulfilment of regulatory formalities and address important concerns, such as the need to record identical movements to several authorities.

Single-Panel Interface for Future Customs Clearance?

Whether you are an importer, exporter, or broker, it will be essential to adapt to the new rules and processes. New features, systems, and compliance requirements for cybersecurity and data protection will need software integration, which is a growing technical problem. Businesses will need to expend efforts to guarantee that they are technically prepared for this. Existing business models, methods, and workflows may need to be modified or replaced entirely to meet the new legal and administrative requirements.

How we can assist

We support businesses of all locations, sizes, and shapes trading worldwide, as well as their managers with import or export responsibilities, who want to reduce risk, lower costs, and better serve international customers. The publication of the law on the EU Single Window should lead to company preparation in the domains of technology, law, and governance. Customs Manager Ltd offers a variety of services to help you adapt to the new digital era of EU customs, including customs and global trade audits to improve your process flow, customs compliance assessments to optimise your supply chain and reduce your workload, and customs education training and trade intelligence services to perfect your customs operations.We are customs and global trade advisors, trainers, trade intelligence specialists and customs declaration filers dedicated to your business success.

Join our Webinar

We will offer a free webinar on the Single Window Customs Environment for business on 5 January 2023. Join expert Arne Mielken on January 5, 2023 at 2:00 PM BST / 3:00 PM CET / 9:00 AM EST for a news briefing. Establishing the Single Window Environment for Customs in the European Union and modifying Regulation (EU) No 952/2013.

We will discuss:

  • the most important provisions of the Regulation and how they are likely to be implemented; - how the Single Window will function and what the role of the single national windows will be;

  • the dates;

  • which systems/licences will be linked; and more.

Your Questions

We will also respond to questions sent to before the webinar.

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